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Three Glorious Days!

We talked about the two terrific days on June 9 and 10 and yes indeed, we topped them both with a spectacular third day in a row!

We talked about the two terrific days on June 9 and 10 and yes indeed, we topped them both with a spectacular third day in a row! June 11, 2021 I was set to work an exhibit opening in a small gallery in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, on the monthly art walk.

It was a warm summer day. As discussed, the day before I was at a clothing exchange and picked up this lovely dress in trade. The event, the weather, all screamed this dress! White with subtle neon pink accents with my lipstick, finger and toe nails and the cute hair bow. I have to say, the feeling of my long hair, on my bare back, was so feminine and felt wonderful!

My first stop was the the Photo Fest gallery to pick up something I left behind the day before. I used the opportunity to take a few photos.

Next stop was my dinner at The Bourbon Street Barrel House. I was in my glory, seated at the center of the bar and having many of the ladies who worked there refer to me as sweetie, honey, etc. A wonderful hour! I then walked to the gallery not far away and have to admit, I thought it was a bit sketchy. But things started to hop and very soon, there were folks all over the place, live music and entertainment. And many of the people there struck up conversations with yours truly. I had to have had my picture taken by at least five different photographers, two of which are below. I saw a dear friend from the art museum, whom I hadn’t seen since the plague descended upon us and we hugged! That felt so normal.

Simply a wonderful time! I then walked around the neighborhood, looking for a different experience. I stopped in a few different bars, but no seats were open, so I decided to call it a night and head home, feeling wonderful. I got in the car, but………


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  1. Ok I’m not a big fan of the long dress despite them always being in style but I love yours and looks so good on you
    Sounded like a nice day and then oh my the cliff hanger
    Can’t wait
    Hugs Rach

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