What’s The Point?

Why do this? Why write this blog? Why share myself with all of you?

Good question. This is why. I am doing some paraphrasing here to protect my friends privacy and to make some grammatical sense of a few messages I am tying into one. When you get an email like this, you realize this does mean something. I am making a difference. There is a reason.

A warm thank you for the many times you have given me the push I needed to cross the threshold of the theatre, gallery and church, and to be part of the community and not hide in the shadows.

Darling, you would be surprised how your site and your own experiences have influenced me to better myself. Would I have ever approached the new art and design gallery when they requested volunteers, my local theatre was the same after a devastating fire and now I assist my sister on the admin side of her business, being accepted not only as myself, but more importantly as a woman in that women’s world of hair and beauty.

I am a regular parishioner of the village church, no shining light, but I have been warmly welcomed by most and that is good enough for me.

It is a warm March morning, though only 7am the sun is shining through the tree and I am happily sitting with a coffee in hand, today I will embrace being myself and thank the lord for friends like you.

As you say, ” Success stories help other girls!!”  

Just as yours helped me, I have passed it on.

If my words touched you so deeply, then you can imagine how deeply your words of encouragement have helped myself and so many other girls to know it is possible to be who we are!!!

Wow! Listen I sit here by myself, typing and blathering. I post pictures, have ideas, wanting to make a difference. But I get no direct feedback, no one right in front of me, reacting. So these messages, the comments, the e-mail followers, anything thing like that tells you that a small community is building. We are tied together with a feeling that is still viewed as odd by society. Is it more accepted than many think? Yes, but it still is viewed differently, unlike many other types of behaviors that are now just a fabric of society.

We don’t become part of that fabric if we don’t proudly represent our sisters, those that paved the way before us and those of us now out there clearing a path for others. To my dear friend, in the UK by the way, God bless you. Those messages made a difference to this girl!

Check out the Gallery page! I could not be prouder of what Liz and I did that day!

4 thoughts on “What’s The Point?”

  1. To Kandi and all the other Contributors,

    Your posts and pictures are a bright ray of “sunshine” into my life.

    We are now told to stay at home until the end of May. Your shining example of a full life is the only thing that brightens my life these days.

    Please be safe and keep telling your stories. They mean more to me than you could ever imagine.

    Thank you so much.


  2. Every word, every comment and every compliment came from the heart. My world would have been a lot smaller and somewhat lonelier if it had not been for your example and positivity.

    There maybe oceans, borders and miles between all we ladies, but you Kandi and this site allow us all to be in contact with strangers who are now friends and sisters.

    Thank you so much.


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