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The Path Forward

No rest for the wicked!

March 6, 2024, the first day of the rest of my life. I met with my friend and now boss, Sherri (not THAT Sherry) and we laid out my involvement with her company, Party411 Events. My involvement will evolve, but initially she will begin incorporating my apparel lines as needed for events and I will be her right-hand girl for the 2024 version of this event, fka Cornucopia. There are so many ironies at work, so many ideas I have had that are starting to take root. One was that I needed to leverage Kandi up to make a living. Basically, Kandi is not “me”, the felon. She is vivacious, noticed and bigger than life. Seems like I am going to be right about that.

I also felt that my volunteering would one day reward me. Because I volunteer at the art museum, being very visible, a young lady approached me to simply attend her event. I said I would do her one better, I will volunteer there. You can go back and read the post linked above for that story.

The irony is that Sherri wants me to help her manage this event. The evening before my meeting with her, Sara from Food Strong was texting me congratulating me on this new opportunity (which was news to me at the time). The great part was that Sherri was talking me up, at the time not knowing Sara knew me, telling Sara about the woman she just hired. So this is day one of what could be the career I have always wanted, combining events (my oversized personality) with my apparel lines (my love of fashion). And it could be the path to my playing out the back nine doing things I love, generating income doing so. And I will be working as a woman, unless it benefits us to have my other half get involved with something, which I would do in a heartbeat. This was what I wore to our meeting this day.

As of the time of this writing, I am excited, but still have a full plate with two apparel lines and an existing customer base, my obligation in the cursed truck, working for Darlafoxx and then the upcoming Cleveland International Film Festival and two April fashion shows for Toni. My work schedule will begin to morph and could one day be less than seven days a week (🤞).

By the way, if I am getting repetitive, forgive me. I write these posts sometimes that day or at least the next. It is just what is on my mind at the time. You are living my reality, as boring or uninteresting as it may well be. Yes, sometimes it is the same thing I may have said the week before. I do promise you, things are happening and changing for me, in a good way, I hope.

March 9, 2024 back to Darlafoxx! Between the meeting above and this, I spent two days on the road, from Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati, making six calls for one of my apparel lines. While that was happening, a big opportunity with the other line popped up, through someone who had zero idea what they were doing. That meant a lot more work, while trying to get from one appointment to the next, remaining focused on the task at hand. So I sat there, jumping up and down to perform my job as the door answerer and worked through a bunch of tasks for two other jobs, as well as this here place.

March 10, 2024 and a 9:00AM meeting with Sherri to discuss the event I will be managing. We met for a few hours and discussed so many things. One of the logistical issues will be me. Business cards will be created for myself and Kandi as will separate email addresses. While Kandi will carry the freight, so to speak, certain circumstances may benefit us both as myself. I have no problem using what I got to earn a living and helping Sherri grow her business. I believe I am now Director of Sales or something like that.

Then, of course, I cannot work one job a day, back to Darla’s place for an afternoon of greeting customers and catching up on various things. I can see now see the tunnel and soon I will see the light at the end of that tunnel.

Editorial comment: Please allow me to blow my own horn a bit. My complete backstory, posted here on the “About Kandi” page almost never gets read. It is not even in the top 20 all-time reads on the blog. It has been on the blog since day one. Check it out. It not only tells my story, it gives our mission statement. It is the rock upon which Kandi’s Land stands.


20 Responses

  1. Congratulations Kandi on the new job. I am so happy for you. It looks like your dream come true.

    Go get ‘em girl!


    1. Thanks BFF, but I gave up living the way I want in 2004…… Now I am living the way I need to in order to find happiness. Appreciate you always!

  2. Kandi,
    Sometimes I’m just exhausted reading your posts , I don’t know how you do it .
    It’s so good to see the hard work paying off and being appreciated for the effort and energy you put into things . What is really wonderful is doing it as Kandi , does the guy relly need to be involved at all , could it be the time to give him the elbow , he has so many bad habits I don’t know how you put up with him !!!

    Through all you do I sincerly hope you still take good care of yourself , maybe pick and choose a ittle more for what Kandi truly needs .

    1. Thanks so much Teresa, but this is survival (and it has nothing to do with Kandi). Kandi just makes it better and frankly, is the only reason I have these opportunities.

    1. Fi, the bills don’t stop coming in….. Girl’s gotta work!

      Enjoy Keystone and remember, you are the Kandi’s Land on-site ambassador!

  3. Kandi,
    Would you consider Kandi is your lifeline , perhaps even a saviour ?

    Do you think if we changed Bill’s gender they would be easier to live with ?? I have a horrible feeling it’s just wishful thinking !!

    1. No, my wife is my savior. No question. Without her, there is no Kandi and we never have this conversation.

      As I have always said, I have tremendous survival skills. Finding Kandi was a necessity and then making her work to my benefit is another.

      When it comes to me, I have issues that outweigh any gender issues by a million miles, so those are the things I battle every day. This is the easy part.

  4. Dear Kandi,



    1. Marie,

      Yes, I remember our history together. I explained myself back then. The posts were too long with too many capital letters making them difficult to read for a blog, especially one in it’s infancy. Things are different now.

      I also sent you an email a few months back, inviting you to contribute again if you wanted to and I got no response.

      You are a dear and we would welcome the types of things you write for that magazine. If I have to edit things, then it gets difficult for me. Everything you see posted here by everyone, I do not have to edit. You are always welcome here. But it has to be easy for me to set up and post.


  5. Kandi, you are an amazing person! Progressing forward is not always easy, especially with so many different avenues for you to keep track of. I hope your new position with Sherri is fruitful and long-lasting (I love the dress you wore to your initial meeting).

  6. Your story is amazing. All your time and effort and ability is rewarded with these great opportunities! You go girl!

  7. Kandi, all I can say is I will be praying for you that this all comes true. There is no one who deserves to be on the back nine than you. I truly believe in Karma so I’m confident you will be well rewarded . Love you to pieces girl.


  8. I just love you more and more Kandi. You say there’s no rest for the wicked but I dont see how that applies to you at all.

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