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A New Day Dawning!

I have been waiting for this day! The first official day of our new blog, the new and improved Kandi’s Land! I want to thank Nathan Maslyk of Ancedote Productions for conceiving this idea and putting up with someone who knows nothing about the internet to pull it all together. Thank you, my friend!

Allow me to introduce what we do here.

Mondays we generally feature one of our frequent contributors who always have something worthwhile to say! Sherry, Jocelyn, Lisa, Tina, all wonderful ladies that take a different angle on things. Anyone else is welcome to make a statement and/or join our band of merry ladies!! I have to say, I am quite pleased by the backlog of guest posts we already have in the queue. It pleases me so to have someone other than me take the stage, as it were, and show us their view of the world.

Tuesdays through Thursdays I will generally take you on one of my adventures in the big wide world of ours.

Fridays are special as our darling Julie Slowinski will tell a story, take us on an adventure or simply show some pictures of herself that have me drooling with envy!

Saturdays I will do my best to make you think. I will generally post an essay about some aspect of the world we live in, and by that, I mean the world we live in with the gender variations we all experience.

Finally, Dee will take us though her day, Sun-Dee!

She was my first routine general contributor and always makes for a perfectly lovely Sun-Dee read!

We’ve added two new pages, Kandi’s Land on The Web and Places to Patronize in the CLE. You can check out other platforms me and some of the other girls use. The CLE page is meant to help local sisters find places to be themselves. It is also my love letter to this town to anyone thinking about visiting Kandi’s Land, I mean Cleveland. Both are works in process.

Please go back and look at some of the pages in the header. I have updated some and these will help you understand the perspective we take here. This is a “G” rated blog, we always try to be positive and uplifting, but honest and never stray into politics. There is nothing more divisive, even among those that agree.

Please bear with us! This is by no means a finished product. There are still things going on behind the scenes to get the site to function smoothly and to allow us to build something beyond just a daily blog. I need your support! I need eyeballs, so tell a girlfriend, sign up for the daily e-mails (and be patient with initially receiving them), click here every day if possible, make us a daily destination. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged!

And now, let’s see what’s happening at the Grand Opening!

Oh, wait a minute…… It seems like our fearless leader is simply not ready yet! Let’s see what the hold up could be…..

She’s finishing her nail polish…. She is such a girl!

Now she’s waiting for them to dry…….

She certainly doesn’t seem to be in any hurry!

I think she knows we’re checking on her….

I think she has to pull a few more things together, so we get back to that Grand Opening in the near future.

Tomorrow is our Friday with Julie, so enjoy and tell a friend about Kandi’s Land!!


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