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Another Full Day Out in Public in a Dress

Loving who I have become!

The week prior, I got to spend the entire day in a spectacular dress. I was a working woman and it just felt so natural! April 14, 2022, we did it again!

I was dressed by 9:00, did a few things around the house and headed out the door. I stopped at two of my clothing exchanges, got rid of a few items and picked up a to-die-for striped denim jacket and two lovely sweaters. I then poked around Macy’s. Then it was time to report to my shift at the art museum. The sun shone brightly and I felt uplifted all day!

See that picture on the right? I just bought the necklace for around $9. Everything else you see there; the dress, shoes, purse and jacket, in the aggregate, cost me less than the necklace! For years I shopped by acquiring things based on price, raiding thrifts, taking advantage of consignment markdowns, buying on deep clearance, etc. And that has allowed me to assemble a massive wardrobe. I now find myself shopping for certain items because that is what a woman would do. I bought a necklace not because I needed one (like I need a hole in the head), I bought it because I loved it!

Things were slow at the museum, so we got sent on our way early. That allowed me to visit the restaurant and bar I frequented during the film festival, collecting a hug from the manager there! Then I hit the Rock Hall to poke around a bit and finally I attended the Plexus (our LGBT Chamber of Commerce) annual meeting.

After the meeting was a networking opportunity where I renewed a few friendships and hopefully made a few new ones! Out for 12 hours in that dress, again, never thinking twice about what I was wearing!

For my long time readers, my saying this is repetitive, but for the new reader or the girl who longs to get out and be herself, I want to continue to demonstrate what is possible.

This was the last day of a very long run of weeks dominated by my ability to get out as Kandi. Many days where the entirety of the day I was Kandi. But all good things must come to an end and new things start. My Boston experience and then a long run of basement work, my job, getting back into pickleballing (once I was able to walk again) and I even did an art museum shift as myself. A couple of weeks without dressing. That never felt wrong. I am always questioning myself, writing for this blog forces me to do so and I am firm in my belief that while I feel like a woman, I enjoy both sides of me equally. And the only reason I feel like a woman is that all the things that go along with that are a fabric of my life now, the full body shaves, my less-than-it-used-to-be facial hair, daily moisturizing, my 24/7/365 underwear choices, and dealing with my massive wardrobe amongst the basement project (where most of it is kept). Interesting? Yes. Fulfilling? Yes. Easy or simple? Absolutely not! But it’s me.


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  1. Kandi, you look fantastic in that black-and-red dress with the red heels and your ever-present smile. You were probably gliding around all day, enjoying the sun and activities just like any other woman.

    Finding the balance between our male and female sides is extremely tricky but essential for our continued good health and well-being. It seems as though you have regained that balance after a few weeks tilted one way or the other.

  2. I love that dress, Kandi and those shoes—wow. I find it so hard to find red shoes in size 11. They are either too expensive or red patent. Anyway I so enjoy your stories and although I don’t comment as much as I should they are daily reading for me. Congrats on Boston—what an accomplishment. It once was a dream of mine, but 7 minutes short. Definitely not dressing as much as I want but that’s life..
    Take care

    1. I just have an eye for bargains! Boston was indeed amazing, but I was very lucky to squeeze in the backdoor and then suck at the actual race. That said, I DID IT!!!! You are one of the many friends I treasure! Thanks my dear.

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