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“I Think I See Two!”

Just another busy day, just another way to incorporate Kandi into my everyday life.

April 28, 2022, a day full of things to do. Things for Mom, a lawn to cut, a ceiling repair project to coordinate and get completed, dinner with a friend, more basement work, a workout, but first a doctor’s appointment. My doctor suggested I get a liver ultrasound (gee, I wonder why….). Since you have to fast for six hour prior, with no ability to even drink water, I booked an early appointment, 7:45. I simply was going to throw on sweats and get the appointment done.

But of course, 5:00AM I am lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. My head starts going where it always does when it is not otherwise occupied…getting dressed! Now I know the previous evening, I did a good shave. Plus I know masks are required. So, up I get. Grab a pair of black skinny jeans and a cute sweater (white with red stripes), a purse and my black flats and head back into the bathroom. I got dressed and did a light makeup job and spent some time working on my hair, MY hair. No wig, diamond stud earrings (magnetic), modest jewelry and a big smile.

Before you ask, I took no pictures, which is rare for me. Out the door I go and when I get there, I am the only one in the waiting room. The receptionist works through all the necessary paperwork, asks if I prefer being called “Miss” (YES!!!) and compliments me on my ring!

I get called into the room by a delightful ultrasound tech. We chat a bit and she puts the gel on me and begins her work. We chat about her nails (they get darker the colder her hands are). Then she asks me to roll over on my side.

Me: “Well”, is it a boy or a girl?”.

Her: “I’m not sure.”

Me: “It would be a miracle anyway, given my age.”

Her: “I think I see two!”

Me: “That would really be a miracle!”

What a lovely woman! What a nice experience.

I always do whatever I can do while dressed. I have little fear about that. This was a little over an hour as Kandi, but I was so pleased to have done it.

I got home, told my wife the story and we laughed about it. The whole thing, just another day in our lives.

Upstairs, get cleaned up and back out the door to pick up Mom. Life keeps moving.


Had a Zoom call last week. And here was what they saw!


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  1. Love it, because it’s so simple and yes it’s those simple moments we can enjoy without a 4 or 8 hour day en fem
    I think that is the difference between just someone who cross dresses and those of us who are trans
    Thanks Kandi, simple but fun

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