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Letting It Come To Me

Busy, busy, busy...

Lately, I have simply been allowing things to come to me instead of me trying to create experiences. This has resulted in my slowing down a bit and there having been a few longer stretches of time between outings. This past week I attended the quarterly mixer for the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, which I always attend, we had a June MIX at the art museum and I worked a pride event (not volunteered, worked).

June 5, 2024 was the mixer, so I made a day of it. I got dressed, loved the feeling this day in my dress, walking the mall, casually shopping, trying things on, getting a bite to eat and just being. I picked up two cute dresses at Dry Goods (clearance, of course) after trying on and considering five different dresses. I went to Express and tried on a few dresses, but none really worked. I went to Soma, looking for bargains. I tried on some bras at Nordstrom Rack. I sat at a bar while checking my email, with a cocktail and a flatbread. I have (finally, I hope) made the mental dedication to severely reduce my alcohol intake (having done so for four days prior to this day) and also reduce my food intake. I want to get my runners body back. I want a bikini body as I plan to not be shy about going to the beach.

The mixer was great fun, worthwhile networking and I saw many friends and made a few new ones. I really just enjoyed the pace of the day and being a girl for most of it. One of the fun things at the mixer was that I was identified by people from four different places. I reckon I am noticed…

June 7, 2024, MIX at the art museum, another Pride celebration. Because the lobby at the museum is being renovated, my position for almost ten years is now right where everyone walks in. So many, many walked in, right over to me and we proceeded with the hugs, many many hugs. The absolute highlight of my evening was as I was walking around before I left, my doctor came up to me. Reminder: I always dress when I see her, I am called Kandi by all staff (without ever asking they do that), she is a fellow runner, she is a recent breast cancer survivor and she is simply one of my very favorite human beings on this planet. I finally got my wife go to to her, so my doctor and I talked about my wife and so many other things. She knows I adore her and cherish our relationship. I never had the opportunity for an extended conversation as I always feel the clock ticking in my head when at her office. She joked it was the first time in a while she was able wore a bra (double mastectomy), asked my opinion on her outfit (huge thumbs up), a couple of hugs, I cried, it was so uplifting. I am one very lucky girl!

I got plenty of love on my outfit! I loved the interesting color combinations. I really had no idea what these colors actually were until my new boss (my old one sadly, for me, retired) said she loved my chartreuse and peacock outfit (who knew?)!

A busy stretch wrapped up with a job on June 8, 2024. We were hired to provide a photo booth for Brecksville-Broadview Heights Pride. A long day, but wonderful! I had two volunteer assistants, one of which is now already a good friend after many conversations throughout the day and afterward. The day was San Diego perfect and the event just a lovely gathering of love and acceptance.

My large ego was fed with so many compliments and thanks for being visible. I had a few meaningful conversations with a few moms of transkids. And see that wonderful woman above right, I collected quite a few Mom hugs all day!


15 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    You delight us all with your positive approach and resulting experiences. What a lady!


  2. Hi Kandi: when I first started reading I thought you were talking about slowing down. It doesn’t seem that you did. LOL. Anyway three beautiful dresses and three great outings. Don’t be afraid to slow down a little. I tend to do too much as well. Relaxing is nice. Take care

  3. Kandi,

    Just love the various color combinations.. A little bowlness in color yields great photo shots and fun.

    keep it up Girl.

    Marie Anne

  4. Kandi, all three dresses look great – my favorite is the green one with the buttons. You may think you’re slowing down, but three outings in a week is still three more than I get. Not that I’m jealous or anything… 🙃

  5. Kandi, Just love your pictures. I am so envious of your freedom to dress and go out as much as you like. You give me hope someday I can have such freedom and the acceptance from my wife.

    1. We are all blessed in many ways. I have complete freedom to dress but will work until I die, so I got that going for me… ❤️

  6. You are the fashion girl indeed.
    I wish I had more time to get out dressed as I’ve many things in the closet that rarely get out
    Love that cute red outfit with the hat just so adorable
    Yes summer is great time to get out an be for sure
    Hugs my friend

  7. Congrats, Kandi, on “letting it come to you”! You are so natural. Good luck with the less alcohol…my meds have insured none for me! I suspect from how great you look in those wonderfully colorful dresses and outfits that you already have the bikini body and cant wait to see it!
    What a blessing to have such a wonderful relationship with your doctor!
    You inspire me, Kandi!

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