Let’s Play Two!

I took the opportunity to volunteer at two of my favorite places on this day, July 22, 2021.

I decided to wear a business-like outfit, this lovely red and black floral blouse with the obvious choice of a black pencil skirt. I loved how the red shoes tied it all together!

My “work” day started with a three hour shift at The Cleveland Museum of Art’s information desk. I worked along side a wonderful woman, a few years my senior, who had volunteered there for over 20 years, all after she retired from her teaching career. No real stories, just quite a few folks with questions, not a single one at all surprised by me. I have somehow find a way to “normalize” who I am and how I move about the world and that pleases me. Frankly, that makes me very proud!

After my shift, I met a friend for dinner. She was visiting town (we had gotten together a few months back) to get some girl time and check off a bucket list item by visiting the beach. As always, she was delightful and I enjoyed the company and the conversation.

The day wrapped with an ushering shift at Mercury Theatre Company. No big stories, just wonderful interchanges with fellow volunteers and patrons. A very fulfilling day, for sure!


More Love!


True Story: This past Saturday I was playing pickleball and walked off the courts. One of the women who was entering the courts asked me if I was a weightlifter. “No, why do you ask?” She sort of quietly asked if my legs were shaved (she thought as a weightlifter I would shave my legs). To which I replied that I do indeed shave my legs, I find it very comfortable. “Well, you have very nice legs!”. I thanked her for her kindness and told her she made me day! She did.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Play Two!”

  1. Love the outfit you pull it off so well.
    And wow what a question, never have I been asked in guy mode. But I love your answer, as for me it’s true I prefer the look for sure

    1. Honestly, I am surprised that was the first time I have ever been asked. They have been shaved for about six years and I have never shied away from wearing shorts and showing them off (in male mode). In girl mode, well, you know…….

  2. I love the pictures with the mirror.
    It reminds me of being in a lift or a changing room with mirrors opposite each other.

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