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Dear Me!

Okay, so I have no life, so I do stupid things like this image...
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Ahoy, Mateys!

A delightful couple of days.
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Rach Checks In!

This makes me very happy...
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Wearing Women’s Clothing vs. Dressing Like a Woman

Points I made a few years back, for your consideration today.
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We're Live!

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  • The Doctor is In

    Dr. Gwen Patrone


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    Note To Self….

    Words to live by.
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    Originally run October 8, 2021.
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    Originally run September 18, 2021
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    Dee's Corner

    It's Sun-Dee!

    A Little Night Music

    Dee, getting it done once again!
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    Moulin Rouge

    Oui, oui!
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    On Style

    Glorious Fashion

    Favorites of The 2020 (Selfie) Photo Shoots

    Originally run May 26, 2021, it documents the art of survival during unprecedented times. Seek joy, it is out there if you try.
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    Moulin Rouge

    Oui, oui!
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    Bridal Gallery – 2015

    Here comes the bride?
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    Times Square Photoshoot

    Originally run on August 23, 2022 and was previously a standalone page here, we revisit a wonderful memory as we continue our evolution.
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    Kandi's Favorites

    A look through the archives

    Rules of The Road

    This is my personal manifesto. If you read nothing else here, you need to read this.
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    One of our favorite posts, re-presented here today. Happy New Year all!
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    Things I Have Learned

    It's the extended Thanksgiving week(end). Let's take a look back at one of your favorites (with a few tweaks)!
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    The Power of “She”

    One of the very first essays I ever wrote.
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    An Open Letter to Our Wives

    This essay is my proudest accomplishment in my life, literally, outside of anything associated with my family.
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    The Angel Known as My Wife

    Marie, this one's for you!
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    Thank You For Being a Friend

    Happy Thanksgiving all! I am eternally thankful for this community.
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    My mantra! My masterpiece!
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    All our favorite things

    We love shopping, so we put together a list of our favorites!