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Kindness Always

Word to live by.

An adorable t-shirt I recently picked up and with a specific outfit in mind.

The great love I feel at Piece Unique.

All came together on this day, March 18, 2021.My dear friend Lisa recently celebrated her 60th birthday and we agreed to celebrate this milestone with an evening out for dinner and drinks! It took some time to get everyone on the same page, but on this day, we finally went out!! I won’t lie that I had some trepidation as the restaurant selected is no more than five miles from my home, a bit too close for comfort. So I proceeded with caution. [It ends up it was a complete nonissue.]

The outfit had so many special aspects to it. The cute pink t-shirt, so soft. I love this long silver sweater! The short black corduroy skirt (a gift from Lisa) with tights. My homage to Cake’s “A Short Skirt and a Long Jacket (okay, sweater)”. The jewelry is all special and ties so well together. The necklace, earrings, ring, all recent Dillard’s bargains, all silver with a pearl featured. The watch is a Betsy Johnson cutie and another Dillard’s bargain. Even the bracelet was picket up at Dillard’s and ties it all together. I added my “K” broach as a little personal touch.

As we grind to the end of our bathroom renovation, I had an electrician in doing some work and he could only get in on this day. This created some time issues for my getting ready. Then I kicked it into overdrive and had the time of my life!!

You think she’s happy? Just wait.

When I arrive, Terri and Lisa were working and there was about 15 minutes before the store closed. Lisa had the brilliant idea of having me model dress after dress after dress. I cannot imagine a greater high for me! I was literally floating. Here is a little photographic evidence of what we did!

I now own the dress on the left……

It’s good, no it’s fabulous, to be a girl!!

The last item I tried on became part of my outfit as we headed out for dinner. What a stunning blazer!

As intoxicating as this was, the evening was even better. We simply sat, three ladies and talked and shared and never once did I not feel like one of the girls. It was really quite special. It felt so natural to me and is not something I could easily do as my male self in any circumstance. We talked for about three hours.

Lisa suggested our next adventure, getting some pizza and wine one evening after the store closes and putting your benevolent hostess to work modeling many outfits! You think I am looking forward to that?

Ladies, I love you with all my heart, you are the definition of Kindness Always!


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  1. What a fun time, I’m glad you have found such accepting cis ladies.
    You look your fabulous self as always
    Hugs Rachael

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