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Because There is Nothing Wrong With It

I had a late morning meeting scheduled with my attorney on a business issue. My attorney is someone I recently met, along with his wife. She now plays pickleball with me and he is doing some legal work for me. Since he met me as Kandi, she needed to take care of business.

Our outfit on this day features this lovely Talbot blazer, picked up at, where else? Piece Unique, the beloved 90% off rack. This blazer literally looks as if it were tailored for me.

On this March 19, 2021 morning, I got up and got ready before I had to allow my wife the bathroom so she could get ready go to work. I made a productive morning of it, all looking like this…because there is nothing wrong with it… you! Own it! Live your life.

First stop to pick up a prescription at the drive thru window. The lovely young lady (I really could not see her well through the layers of COVID plexiglass), as she handed me the bag with my prescriptions, told me she loved my nails!

We then dropped off our sewer bill payment and got rid of some recyclables. Then I had to get a blood screening for my next doctor’s appointment, so off I went to take care of that. Now understand to get my Rx and this blood test, I had to present ID, my male ID. And no one did anything but treat me with extra kindness!

Then I did the weekly grocery shopping after a stop to fill the tank. I interacted with a few people as I was in an unfamiliar store, so I had to ask about the location of a few things. A simple task performed by your every day woman. Then I headed toward the attorneys office. I had a half hour to kill so I did a little shopping as I picked up an adorable little tennis skirt. I hope to figure out a way to play pickleball this summer while dressed.

Finally, it was time for the meeting. My counsel brought another attorney into the meeting (whom I had not previously met) and we simply conducted business. Damn if it wasn’t wonderful to do that looking so nice.

So why do I tell you about all these mundane things? In a span of four hours I visited nine different places, a few of them quite close to our home, in circumstances that required me to show my ID and interact with many different people. All complete nonissues, no one gave me anything but probably extra kindness.

Why did I do this? Because I could and of course, it made me happy!


10 Responses

  1. Your example of how you present yourself as a woman is a lesson for many in the LGBTQ community who demand a certain treatment or use of certain pronouns. You do not demand that others use the pronouns that would certainly please you. Isn’t it interesting that almost all people you interact with choose to be nice, polite, welcoming, and even treat you as the girl you so enjoy being.

    When given the choice of how to treat cross dressers, almost all people choose to treat you with kindness and respect.

  2. Wow miss Kandi you really are putting yourself out there and I love it.
    I guess we all have that moment where we realize we are who we are.
    I too have figured that out, many days I work now wearing makeup and simple gender neutral clothes but they are all female.
    It’s just me and I’m going to be me.
    Thanks for sharing such Inspiration for us all

  3. One advantage of being in the UK, is that with the time difference between the US and UK I wake to your latest post.

    Every post and comment has been a learning curve and this post for me couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

    Rachael is correct, you are inspirational and long have always been so for me.

    1. That’s not fair, starting my day with a happy tear!

      Love you dear and trust me, YOU inspire me to do this (and I love it anyway!!).

  4. I find every such post so helpful when self doubt has me down. Thanks for sharing these everyday miracles.

    1. Thank you Kim. I feel like I have been given a gift and if I do nothing with it, then I wouldn’t deserve it. Glad to be of some help.

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