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I am on a local arts web site and they send out daily emails about anything in the art community. Auditions. Looking for help with a production, etc. Often times photographers will offer their services. I jumped at the opportunity for a photo shoot at a local (very local) dance studio. My plan was to go hyper-feminine in a little dress, a to-die-for denim jacket and plenty of jewelry. Plus I let the “girls” have their day in the sun!

So on March 21, 2021, I showed up dressed cute as a button, with a great attention to the details and a bag of tricks. A sun hat, sunglasses, flowers, props. Ideas about poses, with and without the jacket. Just a great day being a girl!!

Liz was just a delight. I had a 30 minute session and she probably took a few hundred pictures. I simply adored posing, preening, just being an absolute girl the whole time. What a rush!

You can see me wearing my glasses before and after the shoot. Liz asked me to remove them, which obviously worked out very well. But throughout the entire shoot, I could not see much. Because of that and her mask, if I ran into Liz on the street, I would not even know who she was.

The day was spectacular! So I took a bunch of pictures at home. Did the photo shoot and then took a few more at a local park. Plus, I wore a new wig that will be featured in another review for The Breast Form Store, coming to your favorite blog very soon!

Here is a little summary of my work on this day. The professional photos are featured on the “Gallery” page.


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  1. Just so cute Kandi, just as you say.
    And wow blond with highlights
    What we girls do without our wigs
    Love it

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