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One of Those Days Becomes One of Those Nights

A friend texted me a few weeks back to let me know she would be visiting and to see if we could get together. That pleased me greatly! Now, understand that while I have my wife’s complete acceptance, I still prefer to have my outings on days she works. In a rare occurrence, she was off all weekend. But she really didn’t mind my going out so Karen and I agreed to have dinner Saturday evening. Karen had not been out dressed since we got together back in February 2020, pre-plague.

So on this sun splashed Saturday, March 27, 2021, we decided to meet for dinner at 5:30. Saturday is my long run day, so the morning started with a 20 miler. Then I hustled home to get a few things accomplished, one of which was to hang a TV in our newly renovated bathroom. Easy peasy, right? For some reason, the mounting screws would not drive all the way into the stud. I tried and tried. I enlisted my neighbor because he has better tools than I do and he tried. No go. We finally decided to use some shorter screws and quickly finished the project. But It ate up all the extra time I had planned to casually get ready as well as taking some extra photos for a blog post (you’ve now seen them). I texted Karen and agreed to meet at 6:00.

I wanted to wear this lovely $1 sweater dress before it got too far into the spring, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I was very pleased with my presentation this evening. I added the belt and of course, the draping necklace with the nude pumps. Grab a brown purse with gold trim and an outfit was born!

These photos were taken in portions of the bathroom that are completed, as there are still a few odds and ends that need to be finished before I can use the entire room for photos.

So I got to the restaurant a little early and discovered that this Saturday looked almost like a “normal” Saturday. People all around, but not on top of each other and masked, and the restaurants full to their COVID capacities.

Our original choice, no tables. I checked two more restaurants, same deal. I finally found a barbeque place with a 20 minute wait. Since Karen was still in transit, the wait was a nonissue.

She and I spent a few hours dining and talking and no one paid us a bit of attention. It was delightful and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Karen!!

We walked around a bit and took a bunch of pictures. Me of her. She of me. Us together. As she has a certain profession, she was hesitant to have me post our picture together. We did take one with her masked for this purpose, but to respect her privacy, those photos will remain private (and will be treasured). One of those days turned into a lovely evening.


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  1. Kandi, you look fabulous in the sweater dress, the belt is absolutely perfect with it. It must have been so nice to have dinner out with a friend, both of you enjoying the other’s company.

    1. You know Tina, it’s always nice to get out with a sister. Thank you for the complement, I put the dress on and immediately my mind went to that belt. Not sure if that is a gift or a curse 🤷‍♀️

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