I had a full Wednesday planned on this day, which coincidentally happened to be the Trans Day of Visibility, March 31, 2021. I won’t pretend to be thoughtful enough to have planned it for this reason, I take my days when I can get them. Please understand, I am one very lucky gal who gets out quite a lot. As you may have heard from me, I preach four key elements to successfully navigating the world: be smart, be appropriate, be confident and most importantly for the continued improvement of our acceptance by society, be visible!

Let’s talk about how I was viewed by the world on this day. An adorable Ann Taylor patterned skirt, featuring varying hues of teal with silver and black. The necklace and matching earrings tied in well with this skirt, as did my very favorite pair of heels. I liked the simple white top against these colors (and I won’t lie the subtle view of my bra made me feel all the more feminine). A great look and a comfortable feel on a day I would be dressed for about 8 hours and in a few different places.

The day started with a follow up appointment with my doctor. I have the absolute coolest doctor on the planet! She is wonderful! I go there in many different varieties of myself and/or Kandi. Today, I was 100% girl! She is also a runner and we share a favorite charity, so we always have something to chat about. She told me I looked great when she walked in and she later complemented me on my nails. Things checked out well, so that was a nice way to start my day.

Next stop, a three hour shift at The Cleveland Museum of Art! I worked the information desk with two other delightful people and really felt so blessed to be able to seamlessly be a small part of the fabric of this world class facility.

I chatted with quite a few patrons, always receiving kindness back from them.

After my shift I ran a few errands, including a bit of extended shopping at a Walmart and Target, both not four miles from my home. While I have never been a fan of the masks (completely acknowledging their importance and wearing one throughout), they do come in handy on occasion. That place could have been full of those that know me otherwise and they would not have a clue.

So on this most important of days, I was indeed visible. Proud, seen, interactive and completely accepted by those I came in contact with. As someone wiser than me once said, we change minds on at a time. Get out there ladies and change a mind!

4 thoughts on “Visibility!”

  1. That is a most lovely outfit and you look so natural wearing it.
    I like doing just an everyday thing like shopping for my groceries which I do quite a lot while dressed
    It’s just a simple way of being out there showing others we are just who we are normal folk doing normal things
    And as you say always dressed appropriately.
    I love the female casual look and it does make it so easy to be out there

    1. If we keep doing what we do, keeping showing other sisters how to do it, one day, this will be a non-issue. I may not be around to see it, but it will change! Love you, Rach!!

  2. As always, Kandi, love your outfit and your story. Today is moving day for us so we are waiting for all financial things to complete so we can move in. Our places is totally empty.

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