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Just Needed Some “Me” Time

Another visit to one of my favorite places and a continued appreciation for me and my love for those there. Yeah, and a great Cosmo!

It had been a busy week which included some of life’s frustrations. So on April 2, 2021, I simply got out for a few hours. After a morning of getting some things accomplished, I got casually dressed and headed off to the Akron Art Museum. I went with a simple top, skinny jeans and a coat I wanted to get out in before spring sprung!

I wish I could spin a fabulous tale, but this was a day-in-a-life kinda day. The art museum was nice, I simply enjoyed slowly walking, listening to my heels click and looking at things. When I paid for my parking, the attendant could not have been sweeter, complementing me on my ring and simply being very kind.

Then I headed to Summit Mall, just to again walk, be out and about. There I picked up an adorable sweater on deep discount and collected a complement on my jacket and boots!

My day was completed at Vaccaro’s Trattoria, as you know my favorite restaurant. My dear friend Karen was tending bar and complemented me on my “cute top”. Yeah, all the love made me very happy! I enjoyed a few Happy Hour cocktails and my dinner and headed home very happy to be the girl I am!

That is what an empty Cosmo looks like!


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  1. Love it when your just doing you, and yes it’s just what I do on my girl days. There really is no secret it’s just get dressed do the makeup pick the right jewelry and off we go
    You look lovely my dear

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