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Miss Kandi Getting Out

Love that museum!

On December 2, 2022, I worked my standard post at The Cleveland Museum of Art’s monthly Mix party. I am the gateway into the galleries with my job to keep food and beverages out of the galleries and answer any questions. I get so much love from patrons, male, female, black, white, old, young, it’s awesome! We hadn’t had the Mix during the plague, so there are many friends I have not seen for a few years. A lovely young couple (I believe they are a couple), Greta and Maddy, love me and I them. I hadn’t see them probably since 2019. Both of them call me “Miss Kandi”. I cannot tell you what that means to me, I am getting a bit misty even writing this. Just awesome.

The day started with a Kandi Zoom call. Then I worked a short shift at The Cleveland Photo Fest, an annual display of photography. While they absolutely didn’t need me (three gallery sitters, zero patrons), that was the place where Kandi the model and then actress, was born.

That was then capped off with that three hour shift at the museum, a packed house, having to work my station alone, so no breaks. It was actually work, but joyful work. I estimate that I looked at about 5,000 people (we had a 3,000 ticket sell out and I saw many people more than once). I have to continually scan the crown for beverages as many (most) simply do not know the rules. Once I say the simple word, “liability”, they get it. My ability to conduct a conversation with someone and still see a water bottle in one’s hands with my peripheral vision, is actually quite fun for me.

I have literally become a part of the fabric of that place, a world class art museum. Not too bad for an old broad!

The outfit, perfection! The broach, the little touch that garnered the most attention.


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  1. That is a great jacket and the brooch is the perfect pop of color for the holiday season. Your visibility and universal acceptance are reflections of your inner (and outer) beauty, to which we all can aspire in our own way. Thank you for this site and your everlasting friendship and support for our community.

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