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Returning To Normal, Bit By Bit

Seeing new friends, old friends, wearing a sundress on a beautiful day......not a bad way to go!

Mercury Theatre Company, one of my main volunteer gigs is back in business! So on July 1, 2021 I put on this cute sundress and went about an afternoon out and about!

My first stop was Piece Unique, principally just to show off for Lisa, kill some time and browse a bit. I bought NOTHING! Yay me!! Lisa was every bit the friend as always and I left there smiling broadly. Then a brief stop at the liquor store next door and I headed out for my dinner.

I selected a Happy Hour (or as I am now told it is referred to as “HH”) at Pinstripes. I plopped my big behind at the bar and watched all the activity all around me. I really didn’t have any interactions with anyone outside the bartender and servers, but I sat comfortably and enjoyed my flatbread and cocktails.

I then reported to my shift at Mercury to assist with the seating of the patrons for the show. I got to see people I had not seen in about two years and it was so nice! I literally grinned from ear-to-ear the entire time there. Not only the joy of seeing these people, but the absolute joy of doing something normal, was bliss. As I always do, I joked and chatted with patrons and just had a blast! It was great to be back, back to normal, bit by bit.


A little extra story: Julie, sometime back, wrote a post about going to the eye doctor. I had a similar experience. Yesterday, I went to order new glasses. I had not gotten new ones since 2015, Kandi hasn’t since 2017. It was BOGO (which is the only time I will order glasses as mine are very expensive), so I selected one pair of male frames and one female. The woman (who was masked) had me sit down and immediately began by referring to me as Honey, which I do like. I started to explain the woman’s frame when she told me she remembered me! I did not recognize her because of the mask. That was four years ago and I was sitting there in my (male) work clothes.

From that point forward, we were two girls talking. “Oh, those frames are cute on you!” She asked me what my “friend’s” name is. I told her and said that my “friend” is Kandi and she is me! What a dear! I thanked her profusely and promised I would pick up the glasses as my “friend”. She probably didn’t know it, but I teared up with such joyful tears, what a wonderful human being. And she did swear that she really did remember me!

Take the chance to be yourself, do so honestly and confidently and you will be richly rewarded! Thank you Tara!!


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  1. KANDI,



  2. Such a nice story and love the dress.
    I truly hope more and more people can recognize that those of us who prefer a different presentation are just people like anyone else.
    There certainly are far more problems in this world then being concerned over a trans person
    Thanks Kandi for being you

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