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Beachin’ It!

There is NOTHING better than wearing a bikini on a crowded beach!

This is not a long story. I picked up this bikini top recently at a thrift and could not wait to get seen in public while wearing it! On a steamy 90+ degree July 5, 2021 day, I got out in it. I walked proudly about the half mile from my car to my shaded spot on the beach. People all over the place. No one’s head spun around as I walked by. I sat among a few groups of people, again, no special notice. Really, that’s it but I did take a whole bunch of pictures!! It was freakin’ hot…


Random Thoughts: Recently my wife and I attended the wedding reception for our great friends’ son and daughter-in-law. This was in Charleston, SC. We were there for about two days. When we arrived we all went shopping and stopped mostly where the woman wanted to browse. For me, being one of the two husbands there, I fell into that bored feeling of shopping with one’s wife. I eyed a few things (everything was WAY out of my price range even if I were shopping for myself), but played along schlepping from store to store. The hardest part for me was admiring all the woman out and about, in their sundresses, many on vacation. I felt like I had been transported to Lilly Pultizer-land, as those colors were predominant.

We had a nice getaway and it was great to spend the time with friends, but I will admit, I wanted to be one of the women in her sundress, strolling proudly down the street, sipping a cocktail on a patio or just shopping.


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  1. Hello Kandi,

    A very trim craft. You seem to have nice sized breasts and are not overly tall. I am very envious of you.
    Being over 6 ft. and very thin I am afraid there is no way I could get away without being clocked.
    I have only recently come across your site and it is giving me great pleasure.
    Brenda X

    1. Well, first off Brenda, welcome to the Kandi’s Land family!

      Secondly, just because I move about fairly easily, do think for a moment I am not “clocked”. I fool no one who takes the time to give me a good look. The key is to not draw the extra attention that creates that extra look. I am very good at that because I follow my rules: Be smart, appropriate, confident and visible!

      Thank you for being you, my dear!

  2. Kandi,
    Heads should have “spun around” when you walked by; you look fabulous in the bikini!

  3. You look great Kandi, I know I could never do a two piece like that maybe a 1 but my belly is well just not great.
    Oh yes I get the torture of being with the ladies wanting to just be one of the girls shopping pretty and soaking it all in. For those of us who are who we are when we must be in guy mode it can be difficult indeed

  4. to Brenda–I’m over 6 ft and in the last 2 weeks I have encountered 3 different young women taller than me so forget the height stuff

  5. Kandi, you look wonderful as always! There’s no way I could ever pull off a bikini top like that, not even if I was back in high school and in shape for the swim team (a team on which I was a valued member). Broad shoulders and no breasts are tough enough to work with wearing most clothes, never mind a bikini.

    The longing to just be like the women we see (or are with) is ever-present, whether it’s while shopping or at a dressy event. I’m steeling myself for a fall wedding for a close friend.

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