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Travelogue – Gulfport, MS Day One

First time in my life in Mississippi!

Why go to Gulfport, you ask? Good question. After I walked Ohio Fashion Week, I was invited by Victoria Henley to walk her show on December 11, 2021. What you need to know and what I now know, models spend a lot of money doing things without getting paid. That said, this was an amazing trip!

These photos were taken at approximately 3:50AM, before I headed to the airport. My first flight pretty! I checked my bag. I went through TSA. I flew to Atlanta. I hoofed it about 2 miles to my connecting flight. I flew to Gulfport. I took a cab ride to the hotel. Zero issues. Frankly, for me, this was cool, but no big deal.

Here is the proof that I did this.

Once I got settled, it was beach time. I took a bunch of pictures on the beach and a fellow model took some of me at poolside!

I then did a bunch of fittings for the show. Who doesn’t love trying on dresses!! Truth be told, I’ll wear anything, but much of what I wore was not my cup of tea. But a girl has to do her job!

The day wrapped up with me walking to a seafood place, with a definite dive vibe, for dinner. I wore the dress I wore on the plane and I was clearly overdressed for the establishment. Had I worn a cutoff t-shirt and Daisy Dukes, I might have fit right in. Two bubbas were also at the bar. But you know what? Nonissue again.

When I got back, I took one more Christmas photo and called it a night!

Check out the updated Gallery page!


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    1. Honestly, the mask situation was way more of an issue for me than my attire. You’ll read tomorrow about a good 20 hours being masked, necessary, I know, but no fun!

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