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Travelogue – Erie Day 2

Day Two!

The next day, November 20, 2021, I was dragging a bit from a late night at the bar. I woke myself up with a five mile run and then took my time getting dressed to grab lunch with a few friends. We had a blast!

About midafternoon, we had a lovely Vanity Club dinner.

We then headed to a local comedy club for what ended up being an amazing act by a mindreader. We again returned to the hotel bar and much more fun, renewed friendships, laughs and wonderful conversations. I was exhausted from the weekend but uplifted by the wonderful women I met and saw again.


8 Responses

  1. Your such a warm and friendly personality no wonder you have so many wonderful and interesting experiences. Your just a beautiful feminine woman.

  2. Kandi,

    As always you look magnificent. I know that you really enjoy your outings, just wish that I could go along.
    The pictures of your girlfriends are delightful and you can tell everyone is having a fantastic time.

    Are you going to run the marathon in girly mode?


    P.S. love the brown sweater outfit.

    1. Davina, marathons are very hard. Doing so dressed would only make it harder! I don’t talk about it much here, but I am equally comfortable in my male life and very much like to compete.

      Your compliments are so sweet!! Thank you darling.

  3. I just love your taste in clothes, the red dress is just beautiful and the slacks and sweater perfect
    Sherry oh my what cute pants
    Being a girl can defiantly be fun no doubt
    Hugs Rachael

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