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Travelogue – Erie Day 1

Day one at The Lake Erie Gala!

On November 19, 2021, I packed up for a day and a half at The Lake Erie Gala. As you can see here, it’s pretty pitiful everything that I brought and I used everything!

I made an appointment for a mani-pedi on my way. It was a very relaxing hour and a half! I selected a lovely chocolate brown color, which I felt would go best with all of my planned outfits.

Our friend Sherry shared a room with me and she had a photoshoot scheduled, so I cleared out of the room so she could get prepared.

I had not been back at this event since 2015 for many reasons. Since then, they moved it to the Bayfront and I was very impressed with the area. It was very nice to get caught up with many friends.

I was very pleased with my travel outfit, it was nice taking the almost two hour drive dressed.

The evening’s festivities included the Gala, dinner and some entertainment. I was very happy with my presentation for this event.

Throughout the event and the time afterward in the hotel bar, I had wonderful and meaningful conversations with so many different girls and just enjoyed every minute.

Here is a photo retrospective of me with many friends there!


One down, one to go: I told our oldest daughter about my alter ego during her Thanksgiving visit. No problem whatsoever. I will not discuss it further here until I tell our youngest. She has been captive to COVID in Chicago and I hope she’ll come home for Christmas when I’ll tell her face-to-face (the only way I’ll do it). Once that is done, of course I’ll blabber all about it.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time, that blue dress is very pretty and great looking ladies surrounding you as well

    Oh my opening up to your daughter, I’m so glad that went well.
    I pray the other one will also be open. Such a blessing
    Looking forward to more from the gala
    Blessings Rachael

    1. Rach, thank you. I honestly do not think it will be an issue with our other daughter. I wouldn’t have breached te subject with daughter no. 1 if I had an concerns. I always appreciate you!!

  2. Such a gorgeous group of ladies at the gala dinner! I love your vibrant blue dress amidst the sea of black, and your shoes are to die for.

    It really does seem that the next generation (millennials and beyond) is much more open to the transgender spectrum. Good to hear of your daughter’s reaction (or non-reaction) to you. My daughter (also in Chicago!) will be home for Christmas as well, I may have a similar talk with her. Fingers crossed for us both.

    1. Tina, first off, thank you for noticing the shoes! They are spectacular and quite painful!

      You are absolutely correct about the current generation, very accepting but zero attention span!

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