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Travelogue – DC Day 3 and Post Script

The Grand Finale!

September 4, 2021: I was absolutely wiped out from the previous day. Heck, writing the post about it was exhausting. But it was time to put on my big girl panties and get after it again!

Margie’s Closet – Nora (it was her idea) and I sponsored a clothing drive for this worthwhile cause. Here are all the things our sisters donated, before I loaded them into my car for their return to Cleveland and ultimately to Margie’s. Thank you to all the ladies that brought things. Please understand they had to bring these things from their homes and many flew to this event, so the kindness of these ladies should not be ignored.

And if you know me, I then snapped a few. Not my best look and you can see here the difference between my DIY makeover and what a professional can do.

“Awesome Sauce!” – Now it was time for afternoon tea! My wonderful new “sister”, who literally feels like a sister, did an incredible job of hosting! I believe there were thirteen ladies who gathered for a lovely time and a bunch of photos afterward in this spectacular hotel. A group shot was taken by one of the staff who said “awesome sauce” after each of the pictures she took. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon!

You are all probably exhausted by now having read about these three days so far and believe me, so was I. But the thought of the next experience, the next person I would meet, kept me running on adrenaline the entire time, which was good because I ate very little except dinners. No time to waste.

Makeover – Back in the chair and I hope the results speak for themselves. The outfit will speak for itself, white and pink and I may note, worn BEFORE Labor Day!

Changing minds one at a time – This is the motto of The Vanity Club and without trying, I did just that. On numerous occasions I interacted with other folks outside of our circle. Passers-by in the hallway, couples at the bar, people in restaurants. I patiently spoke with each, made them feel comfortable asking me anything and walked away with a few hugs and one more mind changed, providing a greater understanding of our community.

Here is my favorite mind changing encounter. The couple I referenced in yesterday’s post came to the lobby to see us before our Gala. She took some pictures of me and their dog and then she and I took a bunch of pictures on her camera. Really, really cool…

In respect to the privacy of our sisters, I won’t go into too much detail here. We had a lovely cocktail party and the the big event, the Gala. I met so many beautiful women and and developed a deep pride in myself and my sisters.

“Do You Know Who You Look Like?” – On at least four separate occasions, which included those in the club and other hotel patrons, I was asked this question and then told I looked like Jennifer Aniston. I’m good with that!

Afterward I had some wonderful and meaningful conversations with many other sisters. I finally hit the sack around 3:00 AM and was on the road home by 8:00 the next morning. Whew!

Post script – The experience that I had for three days was so meaningful. I was going almost 24/7, from one activity to another, one outfit to the next. I experienced a level of happiness that I cannot describe and I felt almost guilty having it. It came from deep within me and it was just a whirlwind of love and acceptance. Never for one millisecond had I thought about what I was wearing except that it felt so comfortable. Except for one workout and my drive home, not one item of male clothing was on me. I really am not a crier, but I wept tears of joy frequently when making real, human connections with sisters, the vendors there to support us, hotel staff, others staying at the hotel, in restaurants, it was quite remarkable.

On Labor Day morning, I went for a seven mile run, which I had not done for quite some time. When I run, I think and I was thinking about the events of this trip. I literally smiled the entire run and was openly giggling for the first few miles. Then my 7:41 pace reminded me I needed to focus on my breathing. I am now so comfortable in my own skin and will be eternally grateful for that!


15 Responses

  1. This is an experience that you will remember for a long time. It was wonderful and we all got to be a part of it. You truly are a woman of style and substance now.

  2. Sounds like such a great time but your right exhausting too, oh my.
    I love that pink dress so very cute
    Your 3 days reminds me of the cruise I took a few years back totally as Rachael, it was a joy just as you say
    I’m not sure I will ever do something like that again but did enjoy it
    Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Kandi, the white dress you wore for the gala is amazing, the shoes and necklace are just the right pop of color. The picture with your hand on the stair rail is my new favorite!

    Reading of this trip is a beautiful reminder of the maxim to just be ourselves when we go out. Wear what you want, do what you want, be with others or by yourself, but this is who we are. Follow Kandi’s “Be” guidelines and enjoy the experience! ❤

  4. Kandi,
    No matter what you’ve already accomplished in life, your best, biggest, and most significant contribution to the world is still ahead of you. I look forward to witnessing it, and the genuine appreciation you will have righteously earned.

  5. Kandi you know I’m a girl of few words so all I can say again is, Wow !!!!
    Especially in that B&W dress by RL, double wow !!!


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