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Taking a Me Day

A gift to myself.

The work has begin to make improvements here, You can see some minor changes now as we are operating on a new platform and you will continue to see them as we go. We ask your patience as we undergo this facelift!

Coming out of the holiday blues, back to the normal pulse of my life, I identified January 12, 2023 as a me day. Selfish (mostly) from start to finish. I did this because it was the first day of my return to improv classes, so I figured I make a whole day of it.

The day started before 6:00AM with an hour plus of spirited pickleball. Got a good sweat on and did some tending of the garden that is Kandi’s Land. Then it was time to go into the lab and undergo an extensive Kandification process.

As you can see above, we got that done and then headed out the door for some buying and selling. Got rid of a few things and picked up an adorable denim jacket and a great skirt suit.

Next was lunch with my comedy mentor and we spent almost three hours talking presentation, pacing, style, the first draft routine I wrote and many other things. I followed that up with a gel manicure. I have decided, for at least a while, to maintain polished nails. My toes are almost always painted and now I wish for my hands to be as well. I selected a very neutral polish, so you really would have to look to catch it. Plus as I always do, I have a deniability excuse all ready to go.

I then headed to the mall where the acting school I attend is located and just poked around. I now find that only certain very specific things even catch my attention, much less require me to make a purchasing decision.

Finally was my two hour improv class, Improv for Films. I won’t bore you with details here, but I am taking this class with a few friends with whom I have done so before and am making new friends. I like improv because it actually is a life tool, is fun, keeps my aging mind sharp and will be helpful with the stand up.

I am glad I did this for me.

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9 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    It’s very brave to consider ” Stand up ” comedy , I’m terrible at telling jokes but have a quick wit for off the cuff remarks . It still amazes me that I could talk for over ten minutes unscripted to a full lecture theatre of NHS delegates on my trans experiences . I’d never done it before and certainly not as Teresa but would do so again in support of the trans community .

    A question about nails , some consider painted nails make male hands look bigger . My nails are permanently painted because I feel the manicured , painted nails distract the attention from large hands . Besides I love the look of them !

    1. Teresa,

      Stand up is something I have always want to try. My only fear is forgetting my bit. My memory ain’t what it used to be!

      For me (me, no one else), I believe big nails draw attention to our man hands. I like to keep my nails well trimmed and polished, but I don’t like them long. It’s principally for practical reasons, my hands are failing me now and it is far more difficult to button a button or clasp a necklace with long nails.

      Thanks as always!

  2. Kandi,
    I love my colored nails. I think of them as 10 small canvas of changeable art. Have been getting pedicures with color for almost two decades. I damage two nail beds in one hand so I need acrylic to hold those nails together. I like longer nails, need them to lift things; but not too long. And they grow out about a 1/8 an inch between manicures.
    I have had gel fingernails for about 8 years. Pre-pandemic, I had a fantastic nail artist, and we would come up with wonderful designs. People would always admire (envy) them. Some she used on her website. She would do many of the hotter trends: foil nails, cat’s eye (magnetic), fades – ombres, glitter. Love glitter! She moved away at the start of the pandemic and I went to just acrylic to over only the damaged nails. I just start again and just now working up my “courage’ for full gel color. Currently they are a semi-clear; look clear at some angles, tiny blue glitter at other angles.
    But a warning Kandi, once you have had gel nails for a few months you will want them all the time.
    And when asked why I say “because I like them.”

  3. I would like to have color on my nails more often, but even getting a clear polish can set off my wife. When I was out this past week, I had gotten a mani-pedi but took it all off before coming home the next night. I didn’t care that other people saw my fingers during the day in male mode. I would be fine with having color all the time, I just know it’s not important enough to push for at the moment.

  4. Interesting read. I sometimes think I take too many “me” days. But if I assess these days realistically, I would have to say that my free days are too often simply spent existing, rather than doing something.

    1. Kim,
      I’ve read so many comments along the lines of , ” All dressed up and no where to go !” I’ve lived that frustration in the past . Should free days mean I must dress ? Those type of days I found so unsettling , the need to dress was there but the inclination wasn’t and yet I still had a feeling or need that wasn’t satisfied . I now realise it was mostly fear causing that dilemma , using those precious moments while in the back of your mind someone might catch you . ME DAYS are important you need them to find yourself , it became clear going fulltime was the right and only answer . I accept I am one of the lucky ones .

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