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Retail Therapy (Redux)

This "Retail Therapy" post originally ran on the old web site.

With a combination of an empty house (my two sons and my wife away), and a $20 Nordstrom Note set to expire (which I was determined to spend before it expired), I ventured out several times in early October. 

I always tell myself I have more clothes than places to go, so choosing what to wear is always a somewhat difficult process. Do I want something more formal (dress, skirt and top) or more casual (jeans or tights and a top)? Do I have something new to wear? Is there something I haven’t worn out before but I’ve had for a while?

Of course, another question I ask myself is if I own things I haven’t worn out, then why am I shopping for more? That answer is pretty simple; I like to try on new things and the girl in me likes to buy new things. I tell people my Dee wardrobe is half Nordstrom and half thrift stores, with a fair number of clothes given to me by my GG friend Michelle (my boy wardrobe is mostly Costco and shirts from races I enter).

Day one was a local outing. As it was cooler, I chose a top I hadn’t worn before along with a sweater and jeans. I stayed local, and hit a couple of thrifts and a shoe store, but nothing I found suited me.

Day two was a warm evening, and I had an urge to eat at the Cheesecake Factory near my favorite Nordstrom (I have found Cheesecake Factory restaurants to be very TG friendly, although they aren’t friendly to my waistline, especially if I buy a slice of cheesecake for carryout). I wore my floral spaghetti strap dress I had bought earlier last summer with a sweater from down under.  Unfortunately, by the time I arrived the dressing rooms were closed at the Nordstrom Rack, and Nordstrom was also closed, so I had to just settle for dinner.

Day three was a Sunday afternoon and was again warm enough for my Princess Highway sleeveless dress. Time for another visit to Nordstrom Rack–this time with open dressing rooms–and Nordstrom. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything on my shopping trips that I felt I really wanted to buy to use my Nordstrom Note.

Of course, that gave me reasons to plan future shopping trips….


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