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Du(al)ly Noted

Let's take a look back at this Dee classic while she creates a new adventure!

I have written often about my fondness for Nordstrom, a combination of their clothing choices and–more importantly–their friendly and accepting staff. I’ve been to seven different stores in three different cities and been treated well at all of them. I hope we can soon return to safe in person shopping, which is one of my favored activities. If you have a Nordstrom (or Nordstrom Rack) near you, I suggest you give them a visit when you feel comfortable doing so.

I also have a Nordstrom credit card and one of the benefits is they periodically issue $20 Nordstrom Notes. I had one that was expiring in mid-November, so I didn’t want it to go to waste. During September and October I had made several trips to two different Nordstroms and two different Nordstrom Racks, but didn’t find anything I wanted. My wife was returning from overseas (she was away because of the pandemic), so I needed to find something to splurge on.

Sum it all up, it meant I had three trips out the first week of November: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. There is a saying that nothing inspires creativity like a deadline. My wife was returning Saturday evening, so that was my hard deadline.

My Monday outing featured a more casual outfit, a top I bought when Dressbarn was going out of business (RIP; the webstore just isn’t the same), my Spanx leggings, and a suit jacket that was a Hand-Dee-Down from my GG friend Michelle. I hadn’t worn the top nor the jacket out before, but I thought the combination suited me. My destination was the Nordstrom Rack in West County, where I had found the dress I had worn to the casino on Halloween night a few days before. This time, no winners–but I also did a Costco run at the next door Costco.

The Thursday outing was also casual, with both the top and jeans I had bought at Nordstrom, paired with my long boots. This time the destination was the other Nordstrom Rack, this one in mid-St. Louis. Once again, I tried on a number of things, but nothing screamed “buy me”.

That left my last chance, Saturday, and having struck out at both Racks, this time my target was the Nordstrom at the Galleria. I wore a dress I like–I refer to it as my dominatrix dress because of the color and the wide black belt–along with colored tights and my long boots. Prior to going, I searched the Nordstrom website, looking for possible items that interested me.

I walked the floor, as I normally do (I generally know one or more of the SAS, although there has been a lot of turnover), picking items I wanted to try on.  A few items were those I had found on the website, a couple I had tried on before (including a fake leather dress), and several the SA picked out for me.I ended up buying the white top and the black dress with the spaghetti straps (which I had tried on twice previously, but never bought).

Both items were on sale for about half price, and when I got to the register to buy them, I discovered I had TWO $20 notes, so both items were essentially free. Can’t beat that!

Unfortunately, I knew this was likely my last outing for a while. Yes, my wife knows I dress, and yes she knows I go out. But going out with her home, given the spike in the pandemic, would NOT have made her happy, and wouldn’t be sensible anyway. I had to wait two months to get to wear my new top–stay tuned to read about that next Sunday.


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