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June 14, 2023 I set up a meeting. We have become a preferred vendor for one of the largest branding companies in the country. We are their only sublimated apparel supplier and they have a sales force of some 600 people. So effectively, I now have a 600+ sales force working for me. I met on this day with the local rep and a very significant player in this company and this market. So I dressed very appropriately for the meeting.

I came into this relationship through Plexus, so anytime I can, I am the woman they met in our initial contact. They know both of me since Kandi is not the person known in my company, although my sales director and lifelong friend now knows.

Our meeting was set for 5:30 and we had a few drinks, talked, discussed opportunities, talked about our families, he had a lot of questions for me. My wine glass was refilled all night and we closed the place. It was at 9:00 PM, but that still is a long time to talk, especially without a meal.

All I will say here is that good things are slowing beginning to happen!


You may remember that I was in a music video, shot last summer. The video will be released soon, but here I am, giving an Academy Award performance!


The day after my meeting, June 15, 2023, I had (or at least thought I had) a doctor’s appointment. I also had a Zoom meeting, so we shook of the cobwebs and got dressed.

Before my appointment, I ran some errands. Picked up my prescriptions, hit the library and a grocery store. Then I went to my appointment and found out it was canceled. But while there, I got compliments on my top and had a lovely discussion with a woman working there about thrifting. Oh well……next up, my biopsy (which will have happened three days prior to the day this post runs).

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10 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    You write your days activities much like my late Mother’s letters – lots of fun details.

    Coincidentally, she was also quite beautiful.


  2. Kandi, your meeting outfit is fantastic, it’s a great dress by itself, but the jacket takes it up a notch. I’m happy that your apparel company is successfully making these types of connections. And it’s amazing that you can be yourself when meeting with your clients.

  3. You look beautiful as usual, Kandi. Your outfits are very classy. Best wishes for a successful biopsy result

  4. Kandi,

    You rock, and you like rock, so rock on sister! I love the positivity. It makes me determined to go out and do something!


  5. Thanks for the update Kandi . You looked amazing as usual . Good luck with everything. I have had a bit of a setback this week, hopefully things will change , I did get to shop with the wife though and we all know how good it is to have some retail therapy. So much fun now. Best wishes to you Kandi and the awesome girls here thanks for having me here πŸ₯°

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