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Running Man

Identities have been changed to protect the innocent....

My annual calendar of events has evolved over the last couple of years into a fairly routine pattern. I run the Parkrun 5Ks early in the year (during the Australian summertime, i.e., January to March), a 10K in the spring, triathlons during late spring and summer, and a half-marathon in October.

Having returned from visiting Renee in Durham on Monday, and then seeing Tootsie with Karla on Thursday, it was time to get ready for the 10K. I finished fourth in my age group in this race last year–or one place from getting an award–even though it was a personal best for a 10K race. This year, I wanted to finish in the top three.

Packet pickup was scheduled for Friday afternoon with the race on Sunday morning. I thought about doing the pickup in full Dee mode but I decided guy me would just wear a Dee outfit–new Pride T-shirt, shorts, and Blue Keds–along with my still painted fingernails. Off I went to Forest Park in St. Louis to pick up my race bib. As I waited in line with the others, my attire wasn’t an issue.

Sunday morning arrived and it was cool, especially with a 7 AM start. I was surprised I was assigned to the first start corral, as I usually start further in the back. Starting more towards the front is generally beneficial, as you have less traffic–other runners–to weave around. I ran about the same pace I had trained for–about an 8:30 per mile pace. In the end, my time was about a minute behind my prior year time, but I finished first out of seventeen in my age group, and just out of the top one hundred of the eight hundred some runners. Not too shabby.

I took some pictures for my guy Facebook posts–I am amazed how many people say they enjoy my race reports–and one special selfie for Ms. Dee-ism, who encouraged me to keep my painted nails for a few more days.

I texted her the picture with the following words: Ran my race this morning. Won my age group. Happy faceIt was my lucky nails.

Ms. Dee-ism replied back: So proud of you for many reasons!

Thanks! Headed home now. Sore but happy.


A few days later I decided I needed a day out, so I messaged Ms. Dee-ism, and she replied.

I Dee-cided that Dee and the K-bag nee-Dee a Dee out. 

Yay – loving the splash of yellow!!! It suits you. Un-Dee-niably. The BOOOOTS! YAY-es.

I then added.

I would be amiss (there has to be a pun in there somewhere) if I didn’t remind you that a year ago today I i-Dee-tified myself to you, and that’s been one of the better decisions I have made.

You have such a great memory. I am SO glad you Dee-tified to me. What a gift. Seriously. It has been so joyous and not sure I Dee-serve it all but am grateful. 

It is definitely a blessing to have a friend I can share this all with. I ventured to Nordstrom and found a brown fake leather skirt on sale that was priced too good to pass up. I also tried on a print dress that I liked but decided to pass on (and about two months later I ended up buying after it went on sale).


I also occasionally go shopping for Dee stuff even though I’m in guy mode. One last swap of texts with Ms. Dee-ism.

Stopped off at Plato’s and Clothes Mentor after my dental appointment. Looked at clothes and purses. And shoes, of course..Found a yellow bag (natch) at Clothes Mentor, but went with this one instead. It’s purple or mauve but I guess a step up from my basic black. It also fits my tablet. Not quite as snazzy as the K-Bag, but a step up. Hope you like.

I love it – beautiful color, subtle and will go with everything! Approved.

I figured you would. It also has a shoulder strap which I prefer. So the next time I fly business professional I’m ready–or just my next outing….


And one final recent text swap with Ms. Dee-ism.

I have an idea for you. It might be a blog series……

It goes something like this….. Dee – I – Y.  Do it yourself stuff. How to…..find great thrift shops….. see yourself less critically in the mirror….. choose a dress that’s outside your comfort zone…. wear red! You know all these things and the ‘column’ would share them as you-can…. Dee It Yourself! ‘Dee I Y’……..🛠️💃

Still noodling on this, but I plan to incorporate this suggestion going forward, at least periodically.

Stay tuned!


4 Responses

  1. Definitely need a “Dee i y” blog or similar.

    I know I would be a follower.
    Loved the blue Keds. You 2 keded woman–pun intended.

    Reading your posts is how I start my Sun- dee.


  2. Congratulations on taking the top spot in your group! And on celebrating the one year anniversary with your Dee-lightful friend.

  3. Dee,

    Great adventure. Great running and I think it IS the lucky nails. Love nails.

    And your clothing choices, as always, are superb!


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