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Continuing To Make Great Friends

How and why I keep making so many great friends, I have no clue. But I am not complaining!

I recently posted this picture.

The beautiful lady on the far left was kind enough to continue our friendship and invited me to a late afternoon, early dinner. So on June 16, 2023, this girl glady accepted!

We met at a fabulous place literally right over the falls in Chagrin Falls, an iconic little town just a short drive from my home. I met Nicole at the last two Arthritis Foundation Silver Spoons events.

It was a busy morning. The daily internet stuff, checking the blog and posting on Flickr as I do every day. Then my daily workout, which has lately been brisk a five mile walk.

Walks are fabulous! Great exercise, mind clearing and I usually come up with an idea to create revenue. But they do take a while. An underappreciated form of exercise.

Then I cleaned up a few emails and did the grocery shopping, which included my Father’s Day meal. It won’t happen on Father’s Day (the day before), will not include both children (only one) and yes, I have to do all of the work, but I’ll take it! I am blessed to be (my personal pecking order) a male husband, male father, athlete (although that is currently in question), friend (just attended my 40th college reunion, reminding me of this important part of me) and then and only then….Kandi. But don’t feel sorry for her, she gets her time to shine.

I then had a Zoom meeting, which went very well. Finally I got my girl on!

Before you say anything…yes, I am old. Yes, this outfit is WAY too young for me. Yes, using the facilities was VERY difficult (this is a romper) and yes, I felt FABULOUS! I walked in and out of a restaurant, in a fairly conservative town and I was treated like a lady and no one’s pupils popped out of their eye sockets.

Nicole and I had a lovely time. We got to know each other, we shared, we shared our meals and I could not have felt more like I knew her for quite a while.

Here the thing for me. I really didn’t know her that well before our meal, but we just talked, found commonalities, and the conversation was never strained or awkward. It flowed like two long time girlfriends. I honestly don’t know where that comes from or why it happens, but it does, frequently.

It was a delightful girl’s afternoon!

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13 Responses

  1. Kandi, you look great in the romper. The fact that you felt fabulous is all that matters. I wish I had the ability to make new friends so easily, although my very limited time out is a major factor.

  2. “Be a friend to make a friend”…that is how you have done it. Thank you for being my friend too. And, thank you for reminding us all that priorities matter!

  3. Kandi , you make friends easily because you are a warm and friendly person yourself . You give of yourself freely and without wanting or expecting anything in return. We made friends almost instantly and I can’t wait for the day we meet face to face. Love and hugs Kandi 🥰🤗

  4. With that lovely smile, the wisdom and understanding that sparkles in your eyes, no wonder. What a wonderful gift, or maybe it’s just a lifetime of experience, or both. You seem to be a friend to everyone.

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