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Vacation in Athens–“B” Side

I'm just happy pulling up R.E.M. logos! Part 2 of our look back with Dee.

As I related last Sunday, my son needed to visit his apartment in Athens, Georgia, home of the University of Georgia and my favorite band, R.E.M. Being a good dad–and seeing an opportunity to get out dressed for the first time in two months–we drove down to Athens for a weekend in early January. 

After my trip to the mall and Nordstrom Rack (discussed last Sunday in the “A” Side) , I returned to my hotel room/suite. Besides catching up on the NFL playoffs, I tried some pictures on the couch in the suite and they turned out pretty well.

I still had a couple of hours before meeting my son for dinner (pizza and watching more football). I changed into my other top and my black jeans, and took a few more shots on the sofa.

The night before I (the guy me) had walked around the downtown area near my hotel. Today, I decided it was Dee’s turn. The combination of the school being on break (between semesters), the cooler January weather (sunny but in the low 40’s), and the pandemic meant the streets were relatively empty.

There were a few stores open, and I stopped in for a look at several. Most of the fashion choices were aimed at college age students, so I wasn’t exactly the target demographic, and I didn’t find anything that appealed.

Earlier in the day while at Dillard’s I had texted my GG friend Renee a photo of me in a green velvet gown, and she replied with a 100 sticker, indicating her approval (although as a rule of thumb she prefers shorter dresses for me).

While browsing through one store, I found a shelf with the 100 image, so I had to get a selfie with it to send to her.

With my time running out, I retreated to my hotel to get cleaned up, hide the evidence of my hidden side (no, my son doesn’t know), and wait for him to arrive with the pizza. My three day vacation in Athens was brief but gave me a chance to get out, which I always enjoy. Sometimes you just have to take the chances when you get them.


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