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Girls Weekend in Kelowna 

To Clare: You are simply awesome! So proud of you!

By Trish White

Hi everyone,

I must apologize for how long it took me to get this post done. For those who didn’t know, 4 days after I got back from Kelowna and just feeling so good about the whole weekend I had a mishap pool side. Not watching what I was doing I fell into the pool, hitting the concrete edge and breaking my femur. So I’ve been recovering from that for the past 3 months with a strict list of can and can’t dos. Sitting right at the top was sitting and typing at a desk. Anyway my recovery is coming along nicely so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Since I’ve joined Kandi’s Land along with 3 other groups of CD’s I had a lot of help with my mental well being and dealing with an unapproving wife. But as you can tell from this and other posts I get out in public quite a bit now with my wife’s blessing. So I wanted to give back to our community for all the help I received and decided to help other girls who are having issues going out in public and most of us do, myself included. The hardest part of all is just taking that first step out the door. 

Claire is one of the girls I’ve helped get over this fear of going out in public. I often go to themed dinner parties in Vancouver and had invited Claire to come with me to two of them. She said she would like to and told me she would be there. Well, she didn’t show to either one getting cold feet at the last minute. I even got an email from her wife apologizing for Claire’s no show. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our significant others were that supportive? Anyway later on I told Claire about the Girl’s weekend in Kelowna and that there would be at least 20 girls there so she’d have lot’s of support and she sounded genuinely excited. So I was really excited for the arrival of this weekend as well as the arrival of Claire, finally.

On Friday the dinner and drinks came and went with no Claire so I texted her asking what happened and she said she would be arriving late so decided to leave early Saturday morning and would be there before lunch. So we went shopping in the morning and then started the wine tour and still no Claire. I texted her again wondering where she was and she said she got away late and would be there around noon. Noon arrived and still no Claire. So I texted her about 4:00 pm and she’d just arrived at her hotel. I was a little bit miffed but truth be known I was so happy that she showed up. 

I told Claire what time we were going to the club and to meet me in my room once she was dressed. When she arrived at my room I opened the door and I must have stood there with my mouth open for more than a few seconds. Here, standing in front of me, is this cute girl in a gorgeous dress. She was about 5′-4″ tall with beautiful, very feminine facial features. Just look at the picture of her and me above. I was totally blown away and thinking to myself what on earth was she ever worried about. After I got my composure back we talked a bit and then walked to the club. It was about 4 blocks from our hotel and once we were on the side walk I was glad to see the side walk was full of people. As Claire and I walked and talked she seemed to be taking it all in stride which was good to see and I really wasn’t surprised. She was doing everything right, a big smile on her face, head up and shoulders back acting like she owned the place. I wish I could take all the credit for how well she did but as I said earlier, the hardest part is just taking that first step out the door and Claire was proof positive of that.

When we went in I took her around and introduced her to all the girls and then sat down and ordered drinks. The club was a Trans/gay club but that night I guess 85% of the people were straight. There were 20 people at our table and I think we were the only Trans group there that night. The entertainment was a stripper and a Drag Queen and the Drag Queen came over and sat down with Claire and me and we talked for a while. She won the Kelowna’s top drag queen contest and was going back east in the summer to compete in the Canadian Drag Queen contest. She was very good, and she told us while she was there that the stripper was also the the owner of the club and both of them were transitioning. They were both put on a very good show. It got fairly warm in the club as it was packed so we’d go outside in between sets cool off and mingle. I got a lot of comments on my dress which meant a lot to me especially when a group of girls in their mid 20’s came over and talked to us and said how much they liked my dress and how pretty I was. I could feel my wig getting tighter as my head started to swell. After one set the Queen stayed out and said she was going to pick 6 people and have a “strut your stuff” contest and guess who one of the girls was she picked. Yup it was me. In one of my posts here on Kandi’s Land was about how you change when your in female mode. Well I can tell you that if I was picked to go on stage for a contest in guy mode I would never go up. But Trish is totally different in that regard, I couldn’t get on stage fast enough. She picked 5 girls and one guy and I noticed the guy was quite built when he took his shirt off and was a really good dancer. Well Trish didn’t win, actually the guy did but I had a blast doing it. I even ended up dancing with another guy, he’d asked me 2 or 3 times and I declined all 3 but the last time he just walked over took my arm a led me on to the dance floor. I was a little nervous but thought, awww, why not and I actually enjoyed the attention.


Editorial comment: Trish did what I have tried to do: pass it forward. Over the years, I have helped a few girls get out for the first time. I contributed about 1% to Trish’s ability to finally work things out with her wife. Someone did it for me and I am forever grateful to this person for being so kind. Trish here did the same for Clare. Help a sister, support a sister, just lend an ear to a sister. We must always have each other’s back.


7 Responses

  1. Trish,
    Great night out! I’m glad all of you had a good time ☺️. Hopefully your leg is getting better!

  2. Trish,
    Sorry to hear about your broken leg.

    It sounds like a fabulous weekend. All your dresses look beautiful, well done. It makes sense that the stranger would want to dance with you; you look great.

    It is wonderful that you got Claire to join in. I’m sure she really appreciates all you have done for her.


  3. What a great story Trish and a wonderful weekend. You look adorable in the pictures. Please pass my compliments on to Clare.

  4. Trish, great post!

    I love the whole idea of ‘repaying’ those who have helped us by passing down wisdom and support to those who come after us, so to speak. This was a lovely story of encouragement and blossoming, even after a couple of false starts and, I’m sure, very much appreciated by Claire.

    It looks like you all had a great time too and I love those outfits – just exactly how long are your legs?!!

  5. Trish is a wonderful friend who I met online. She has been very instrumental in helping me walk out the door for the first time. It will happen soon and Trish will be responsible for much of that experience.

    I’m so happy to hear that she will be back in full Trish mode shortly.

  6. Hello there west coast neighbour, it was especially nice to read of goings-on in my little corner of the map for a change! I’ve been out and about in Vancouver for nine years and in my early days I too stumbled across the Burbs girls but my lone wolf nature got the better of me (indeed, I most probably came across as a bit brittle—but everything felt so overwhelming back then, too.) I shall be keeping an eye out for your future writings!

    1. Hi Angela,
      Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I’m going to Diva Las Vegas in October and will
      Have a post out bout that adventure shortly after. You should contact Maggie at Gurls in the Burbs again . They helped set up the ‘Girls Weekend in Kelowna’ along with the Wine Country Girls ‘ from Kelowna and all the girls I met were very nice and welcoming.

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