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A Back-To-Backer

I could not believe the day I was having!

October 18, 2022, a day more of warm photos than a long story. My day stared working for The American Heart Association’s STEM Goes Red for Girls.

Me and local TV anchor and friend Tiffani
Loretta and I ran the Inspiration Wall
Me and Hearty, yes, his name is Hearty!

After my shift, I had a fitting with the designer for whom I will be walking two, yes two, bridal shows in three, yes three gowns. These photos were taken during the fitting, I expect to look much better on show day.


October 19, 2022 was a full Kandi day, starting with a doctor’s appointment. I adore my doctor. I’ve talked here about her current battle with breast cancer. I almost always dress to see her and for any type of doctor appointment.

I’m sitting in the waiting room after having checked in. From a door I am not used to entering I hear “Kandi”. I thought I had misheard as I checked in under my actual name and the voice came from an unfamiliar door, so I ignored it. She then called out my male name so I responded. I asked her what she had said the first time and apologized for not having responded. She told me it was noted in my file that I am to be addressed as Kandi. Wow! I did not ask for that and it really touched me and I made sure my doctor knew what it meant!

After the appointment, I headed to a Panera to answer e-mails and have two Zoom calls. Seated in the booth behind me were a number of women. I was up and down, getting coffee, getting settled, etc., so I was apparently visible to them. As I fired up the Zoom machine and placed a large piece of my blueberry muffin in my mouth, one of the women stopped. She apologized for catching me with my mouth full and she said she just wanted to tell me that I looked stunning. Please do not think I am bragging here, you need to understand what following the rules does for you. You can see from the accompanying photos that I am smart, appropriate, confident and of course, visible. It works! And please do not tell me I am lucky, I work at this, I worked on it, it does not come easy. I was rewarded with two amazing moments, in two very different circumstances within a few hours of each other.

Then it kept getting better. I stopped at the mall to walk off a few hours. I saw a new store had opened called Daily Threads. They had new items (overstocks) for as little as $3. I grabbed a bunch of stuff, spent a great deal of time in the fitting room and walked out with three dresses, two tops/blouses and three sweaters for about $40!

Finally, I headed over to the restaurant to meet Sherry. I was there about an hour early. I walk in and my friend, Karen the bartender, is sitting with a craft distiller sampling bourbons, vodkas, etc. and I was asked to join in! While doing that, I met two wonderful sisters and then later a lovely woman and her friends. I basically, and then we when Sherry got there, spent a great deal of time with these sisters, having a blast! It was nice to see Sherry again, as it always is for me.

Whew, what a wonderful day filled with affirmation, friends, old and new!

Two new videos in the upper right hand corner of the blog, check them out!!


9 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I had to smile because in the first set of pictures taken at the Heart Association meeting you were the only one wearing a dress . I was in a simliar situation at my blood donation session , when i looked round the room I was the only one in a skirt . Annoyingly at that session the nurse entered a busy waiting area and called me by MR followed by my full name , as I walked passed the other people I said in a loud voice , ” I think we need to change my details ” . I’m gald to say it was the first thing the nurse did on her computer screen before she did my blood test .

  2. Kandi your style is beautiful and I truly wish I had your sense of fashion.
    But I don’t and that’s ok I like being a bit more casual as it just fits me I think.
    I love those interactions you had it gives a warm feeling hearing about it

  3. Kandi,
    I hope you won’t mind me asking but I’m curious how the young girls in the AHA heart event related to you?
    And I absolutely love watching you in those bridal videos!

    1. Fiona, I don’t mind at all. I’ve done this now twice and they relate to me no differently than any of the other ladies there. A few were very complimentary.

      I love making those bridal videos!!

    2. Fiona,
      Interesting question for Kandi , if I may add my own experience . My local blood transfusion unit where I donate blood ( just clocked up 80 pints ) the superviser of the group is a post op TS . She usually wears a a dark navy nurse’s dress , I’ve never seen her in trousers as many of the other nurses do . Obviously we usually have a chat but she is treated with the same respect any other person in that position would be , I have to say I always get on great with everyone .

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