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Thanks for putting up with me, Sherry.

On January 15, 2023, I spent the majority of the day with Sherry, our infrequent Contributor and my great friend!

I got the opportunity to wear this sweater dress, gifted to me by my friend Lisa at Piece Unique in 2021. This dress is very comfortable and quite unforgiving, so I bound myself up like a sausage.

I added the pop of color with the scarf. I should incorporate scarves more often in my outfits. They lend a bit of class and add interest to an outfit.

Sher and I met with two of her GG friends and had a lovely brunch. Conversation was fluid and natural, at least from my perspective being the new person in the equation.

After lunch, we both headed north about 40 minutes and join our other (GG) friends, Melissa and Donna. We all got together at Cooper’s Hawk, a great restaurant and winery. I had met Melissa a bit over a month ago at The Providence House fundraiser and we have now been out for our Very Sherry Christmas, our evening with Trisha and now this evening.

I consumed quite a bit of wine, what else is new? We also talked about some future outings. I am truly blessed to have such great friends. I am sure I don’t deserve them, but I won’t complain!

**********”More Things I Don’t Deserve”, for $800, Alex!**********

I have received correspondence from ladies in Canada, The UK, Germany and New Zealand, among other locales. I periodically get updates from the lovely Faye, who has graciously allowed me to share her most recent adventures.

Hello Kandi,

Since moving into the countryside of my part of the U.K., though only a 30 minute train journey from the city (London) It has been where I have blossomed as a woman and been embraced by my close neighbours.

We have a small amateur dramatics group who kindly accepted my offer to help with, well anything from being on the stage to sweeping the stage. Needless to say my acting skills are in no way on par with yours Kandi ????, so the responsibility of ushering the patrons to their seats etc was laid in my lap. I made several new friends and was surprised by how many mentioned how they had seen me around, not that a 6′ tall woman, 6’3″ in heels could be missed!!!.

The compliments that evening left me feeling I was walking on air.

From the above I was approached to assist with the church Christmas Craft Sale, working with the lovely Maria who admitted to being envious of my legs, though hers are so much better, a fact I made clear to her and a wonderfully natural exchange between women.

Finally I was approached by Helen, the vicar’s wife, and asked if I would assist with setting up the church for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Believe me Kandi I have never felt so much a part of a community.

I can only wonder what 2023 will bring and the new friends and experience to come.

My pace of life or number of friends will never match you Kandi, but I get out and the pleasure I get when I am greeted as ‘Faye’ will never go away.

I apologise if I have rambled on, but my happiness and (hopefully) femininity can be viewed in the attached image.

Love and my best wishes to you.

Faye x

While it’s not always great to be me, when I get these types of messages, it is awesome to be me! I love you, Faye, on so many levels.

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4 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    So good to read Faye’s story . If only more could experience the acceptance when we are allowed to make the effort to get involved in the community and in the process live a normal life . It’s so sad when we hear about hate crimes and prejudice , the question is why does it happen to some and not others ? I have no limits now and can truthfully say I’ve not had a single problem . I have a friend who experiences problems , perhaps the mistake she makes is she wants people to know she’s “trans” , she feels she’s different and deserves special attention . Perhaps it proves you have to find “You ” to achieve normality in your life and gain acceptance .

    1. Teresa, Part of my success in not having any issues is that I blend, by that I mean, I blend into society. I am not trying to make a statement about who and what I am, I am polite, confident and do everything I can to be just another person. I imagine you do the same.

  2. Trevor Noah, the wonderful now former host of the Daily Show, said one of his reasons for leaving was his practice of trying to do things that he fears. One of those fears was giving up a comfortable gig to go out on the road again.

    Post covid, I have found myself still somewhat cloistered, mentally at least. I do allow myself a weekly visit to a favorite wine bar, and an occasional nice dinner, but I have not been going out of my way to meet people. As I read of your day out with Sherry and GG friends, as well as Faye’s immersion into a new community, I felt renewed motivation to step a bit outside of my comfort zone and more frequently interact with people as Kimberly.

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