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Travelogue – DC Day 2

A long, glorious Day Two in DC!

September 3, 2021: This was a very special day for me, to be followed by another very special day. I had a full day booked with a style consultant, a makeover and a photoshoot. That was followed by dinner out with many of our sisters.

First the day started with a style consultation with Lindsey Taub. Lindsey was incredibly delightful, we literally felt as if we were sisters within a few minutes of meeting each other!

I was to show up in a simple white t-shirt, leggings and no makeup, so you will see no pictures. We ran out of time, so I did go back after a few hours, so let’s move ahead with our story and I’ll explain what Lindsey does in a moment.

When Lindsey sent me an email confirmation, she called me Olivia. No big deal, I figure it was a typo. Then when I first showed up she calls me Olivia. She was embarrassed, but we laughed about it quite a bit. Now my friend is a little salty with her language. So after we had our session, I walked out the front of the hotel and see the sign you see here. I immediately text a picture to Lindsey with a “NFW’ comment. Now that was funny!!

Up next was a makeover that was scheduled prior to a photo shoot. This is the work of Be You Just You of Las Vegas. You can see here the result, obviously I was quite pleased.

Once that was completed I had lunch with my Big Sister, Nora and then had a glorious photo shoot with Cassandra Storm. The results of the shoot will soon be posted on its own separate page, so you won’t see them here. We shot for an hour. I wore four outfits, all based around a simple white blouse and black skirt. We were all over the place, indoor and out and I am anxiously awaiting the results.

The photo below was taken by Nora as we waited for Cassandra.

She also shot some candid video of me. I hope I don’t ruin the illusion of me when you see this, but I must say, I could not be prouder of myself!!!

Before we proceed, while I know this is their business, Lindsay, Amber (makeover) and Cassandra were some of the highest quality human beings I have ever met. Spending time with each was so wonderful!

Now I got dressed in this simple, but cute outfit and got back together with Lindsey for a remarkable session. We were literally two girls just being goofy and she had me crying because I have never felt that deep in my heart so feminine, so much a woman and a sister.

In my two sessions with Lindsey, she took quite a few measurements of me and spent quite a bit of time matching color pallets with my face. It was quite scientific and she gave me a booklet that tells me what colors complement me the best, what style clothing works best for me and many other details, including the best frames for glasses on my face. We also spent a good long time trying on different hair styles. That was a blast! Lindsey….thank you.

My day started with a workout at 7:00 AM and now it was about 4:30 PM and time to get dressed for dinner and as you can probably guess, have some real fun with my tripod and a gorgeous hotel!

While walking through the lobby a few of my sisters told me they were taking a group photo on a spiral stairwell with us all in the bathrobes we each had in our room. All the ladies wore their robes over their dinner outfits, me, not so much, I just wore the robe!

Damn, that was great fun! But wait, there was more!!

I was saving this Ralph Lauren dress for a special occasion. This was it!

Dinner was very nice and then we headed back to the hotel and the bar. There were a lot of dogs there for some reason and I made friends with a couple whose dog had the same name as one of our daughters. I spent quite a bit of time with the couple in the bar. They were just there visiting DC. I laughed that they will have some stories when they got home.

The entire evening was such a pleasure getting to know some of my sisters. One sister and I found out we went to the same college, overlapping for two years. The bartender, Ivan, had just returned to the states from active duty and was just great! A fabulous, long day and I still had one more to go!


10 Responses

    1. SueAnne,

      I’ll defer selecting a favorite until I see the results of the photo shoot. Then you can ask again!

      For me, though, the people. My sisters. The people in the hotel. Lindsay and Cass. The people were my real favorites.

  1. That RL dress is gorgeous, and I laughed at the part in the video when Nora told you to smile – that’s when the Kandi we know and love popped out! Having the expertise of such wonderful people to make you look even better is going on my bucket list.

    1. I am truly blessed with such wonderful friends, those that I have had the privilege to meet and spend time with and those that, because of circumstances like yourself, I have the honor of connecting with here and a few other places. I did kinda like that video…..

  2. My goodness girl you are just amazing and the more you transform the more beautiful you become
    The outfits are only a small part of the beauty as I see such a lovely women in each of your pictures
    I still someday hope I can meet you for real
    Hugs Rachael

    1. I hope that as well, Rach! While I was in DC I could literally feel the happiness deep in my soul and knew that would come through in pictures and human interactions. It did!

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