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Travelogue – DC Day 1 and Prior

We take the show to the Nation's Capitol! Day one.....

September 1, 2021: I am exhausted and I hadn’t yet left our home. I don’t think I am being hyperbolic, I would estimate I spent at least eight hours (over a few days) packing for my DC trip. Vetting outfits. Assembling all the accessories for each outfit: shoes, purse, jewelry, undergarments, etc. Making sure I have everything: masks, nail polishes, toiletries, electronics, glasses, etc… Yes, all women do this, but since I am who I am, there is much, much more.

September 2, 2021: I went to DC to attend my first Vanity Club Soiree. I was recently elected to be a member and this really my first time to meet many in person. I got dressed Thursday morning and made the almost six hour drive there. I basically just threw this top on and was surprised at all the compliments I received on it, including one young lady walking past me on the street.

The picture you see below is me with my Big Sister, Nora Simone, who has occasionally graced us with some great advice here. I have gotten to know her over the past few months and admire her greatly! You have my undying gratitude for all that you have done for me.

Once I met a few ladies and got settled in, I went out to dinner with the most wonderful couple. I met them a few years back at Keystone and was delighted to see them again! They are also regular Kandi’s Land readers so allow me to again thank them for being such great friends and even better human beings.

My evening concluded with some of the VC ladies at a karaoke bar. I called it a fairly early evening as I had a big day to follow! Just a little preview here, I simply cannot remember being this joyous (on my own) for this long during one single day.


10 Responses

  1. Kandi, the colorful top is wonderful, and I like your dinner outfit. Sounds like the beginning of a really fun time in DC!

  2. Love that top, it’s one thing that I love about ladies attire is it’s so vibrant and colorful
    The skirt and top equally lovely
    Can’t wait to hear more

  3. I love the top with the capri jeans, Kandi. The dinner outfit is nice too. Looking forward to further adventures in DC. BTW I am changing name to Donna. It’s a long story.

  4. Enjoy your time in D.C. I’m certain you will make many new friends. I assume you will be in feminine attire from the time you get up till the time you got to bed. I hope you brought comfortable heels as you will be wearing them for 10 to 12 hours a day. I

    1. SueAnne,

      I was actually in DC at the beginning of the month and I was dressed the entire time and in various types of shoes and outfits and I was uber-comfortable!

      Thank you for reading and I love when you and anyone else comments!!


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