Pandemonium! 2023

One of my favorite events every year!

September 9, 2023, back to the Pandemonium!

Back to my role as the House Manager, Stage 9, the church. Back to being on the campus of Cleveland Public Theater, seeing old and new friends, being known and recognized. Back doing what I do best: smiling and making people feel welcome. Back to having people call me by name and having zero clue how I know them (let alone knowing their name). Sherry was there as well as a volunteer. I have no real great stories to tell, so sit back and take a look at my photo essay.

Simply a delightful evening. It lightly rained the few hours leading up to the event, but cleared as if planned and was a perfect weather evening. A wonderful event. Good times with my BFF. Joy, acceptance, admiration, friendship. I met another woman there, also a volunteer, and literally within minutes we were acting like sisters.


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  1. Love the cute dress and the denim jacket you had over it. The picture of you sitting on the stairs is adorable! It makes my day to see your smile (and Sherry, too!).

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