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The Luckiest Girl Out There!

The stuff I get away with is criminal....maybe I should rephrase that.

The week prior, I traveled to another land (okay Atlanta, since I cannot leave the country) for training on my new apparel line. We sell what is termed “spirit and lounge wear”. It is principally for woman, but we do have men’s pieces. Very nice pieces and great quality. The men’s line, in my opinion, does have a feminine feel to it, which for me is not a problem. But oddly, none of the men I met at corporate HQ wore the brand. Just sayin’

My “boss” as it were (since I only get paid commissions, I am my own boss) is about my age and I don’t know this to be true, but I would bet good money he was a wrestler. He’s short and squat. He spent his entire career in the sporting goods/apparel industry. To hear him describe our “cuddle” collection as well as our “dream fleece”, was priceless. Fabulous pieces, no doubt.

September 6, 2023 this girl went selling! I want to bring our clothes to women’s boutiques. So I thought of two people that could help me find my way. So I got dressed (cutely, if I must say so myself) and out the door I went!

First stop is a very high end boutique in Chagrin Falls, an upscale, very quaint town. From my myriad volunteer gigs, I know the woman who runs the boutique and does numerous fashion shows at charitable events. I get the big hug every time we see each other. I simply wanted to pick her brain. She was so kind to spend the time with me and gave me a masterstroke of an idea (more on that soon). She also told me about an upcoming fashion show she is doing in a few days at a very high end club on the shore of Lake Erie.

As you know, I ask. So guess who will be basically her model coordinator at this show and your first two guesses don’t count? She is a bit older than me and if you have ever carried woman’s clothing, in bulk, on hangars, they are heavy! I only offered to carry the clothes. So I get my dream job (she is paying me, she wouldn’t hear about me doing it gratis). I get to zip models in and out of dresses, get to make sure they hit the runway in order and on cue. I do believe I have died and gone to heaven!

I stopped at a few more places, left my card (male name) and a catalog and then went to my favorite place on Earth, Piece Unique! My amazing friend Lisa was there, hugs aplenty and I also left her with a catalog, asking for ideas.

Honestly, this dress, my new do, two angels from God who love and helped me and a job working in the modeling industry…..who has it better than me? Nobody! And I simply….asked.

On another lucky note, I often check my phone newsfeed before I toss and turn in what many refer to as “sleep”. The night before Labor Day I read the following article:

So I do some Googling and find her website and email her that I would like to interview her. This occurs at somewhere around 10PM, Sunday, prior to Labor Day. The following morning (well before 7AM) I check my Kandi emails and Maeve responded! Not only did she respond, we emailed back and forth quite a few times that day and on subsequent ones as well. This past week, we had an online meeting to meet each other. I cannot speak for her, but it was natural, comfortable and as if we had known each other for a while.

Long story short, the Kandi’s Land Interview With a Difference Maker makes its grand return very soon!

You just never know what you can do if you simply ask.

Buy your copy before my interview posts!

If you have any questions for Maeve, please contact me so I can ask, which we now know if what I do.


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  1. Kandi you always amaze me at your comings and goings
    I have a good job pays well but you truly are enjoying so much being you and you make it look so great I would enjoy doing what you do but as you know we do have different lives
    I’m just happy to follow you my friend
    By the way love that dress and look as usual very well put together

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