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A couple of nondescript autumn days. But always time for a cute outfit or two!

I do love the autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year, from the weather to the activities that occur at this time of year.

On September 22, 2021 it was back to improv class on a very rainy day. Not much of a story. Class was fun as it always is. I hung out with my favorite bartender beforehand while I worked on the blog and other things. Before I left home, because of my outfit for the day, I played around and took some pickleball photos. I sure wish I could wear this outfit when I play (and before you say I could, I cannot or rather, would not).

I do enjoy when I wear a marathon top and people ask if I ran it, I can say that indeed I did! Understand that my running and what you see here go hand in hand, one would not have happened without the other and one impacts how the other looks, feels and more importantly, is perceived.

The following day, September 23, 2021 was your basic sell some clothes and then work the art museum day. This day was in the lower 50’s, so I took the opportunity to wear this cute sweater. Again, not much of a story here, just another day out being me.

Because of the cool temperatures, I completely riffed this outfit. My wife was working later, so we were getting ready at the same time (I use the second bathroom when that happens) and my outfit got her seal of approval before I walked out the door. Always nice….


Bonus Post: Pet Peeves

Just want to get a few things off my chest. These are intended to be good-natured, but they bug me nonetheless.

I detest the use of the word “gurl”. I find it so demeaning. T-girl, fine. Gurl, please no. We never make progress when we set ourselves back by labeling ourselves this way.

All phones have timers. Timers allow one to take a selfie without having the camera in the photo. I understand spur of the moment shots taken in a store mirror, but at home? Stop and do it right. Set the timer or drop $3 on a selfie remote. Photos with the iPad in them are even worse. When you take a photo it is because you are proud of yourself, your presentation. For about $25 you can purchase that remote and a tripod and do it right.

I frequent one CD forum. I read other blogs. On the forum, there is one girl who posts pictures often. She is quite lovely and does a fabulous job on her makeup. And every single picture is what I call a blimp shot. Taken from above, same camera angle every single time. ALL THE TIME! There is a very well written blog and the author posts a few times a week. Wonderful stories. But every single picture, every single time, and again, she is also quite lovely and does a phenomenal job on her makeup, is the blimp shot. I often wonder if these ladies have a torso…… Change the camera angle once in a while!


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