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Sherry tells here what she's been up to of late.

By Sherry Greer

I’ve been “out” for a little over five years now and each time I go out I feel more secure, happy, and confident in my appearance. Maybe more importantly my communication with others has dramatically improved and people want to talk with me and I with them. Through various individuals, mostly Kandi, I have developed a pretty good circle of friends. I recently looked through my contacts and counted over 20 girls that I now consider my friends and that I could call up and go out with… that is a great feeling. Some of these friends are from the trans community but many are cisgendered women who support us. My sister has been amazing and I truly love her for the support and love she shows me . Many times I initiate the contact to go out but it is especially gratifying when friends ask me to go out. I certainly don’t mind going out as my male persona but there is something special to me getting ready and going out as Sherry. The preparation and process of becoming someone I enjoy being is an amazing feeling and something that doesn’t get old. I am now confident in my makeup application and when I wear my natural hair I can actually make it do what I want it to! In recent outings I have gone to dinner and a movie with Kandi, gone to dinner with Karen who is Kandi’s friend (and now mine), dinner with my friends, shopping by myself and with a coworker, and volunteering at a Pride event. When I first started going out I thought I had to dress ultra feminine in order to be feminine but I now believe wearing something casual is just as feminine because of my maturation into the person I want to become.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and see the progression in Sherry.

Stay beautiful-Sherry


6 Responses

  1. Whether you are dressed as by brother or sister, I will always Love, appreciate and support you!!! It takes real guts to be who you truly are!!! I love you.

  2. It’s been fun watching you blossom Sherry much like it has been with Kandi, I really wish I was close by so I could enjoy you and Kandi’s company once in a while
    Your positive attitude always shines through
    Hugs Rachael

    1. Rachael,
      Thanks! It’s amazing to be able to be yourself and enjoy feeling free🤗
      Stay beautiful-Sherry

  3. I’m really happy for you Sherry. You look amazing and have a beautiful smile. I wish I lived closer to you so I could join you for an outing. Maybe one day I will get to visit your part of the world. Until then keep being your beautiful self 🥰

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