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Fun With Kandi!

Remember Sherry? She's back.......sort of. Originally posted July 26, 2021.

By Sherry Greer

For the record, Kandi isn’t all that much fun….

I apologize for my absence, it’s been too long since my last post! I have been busy and haven’t been Sherry for almost a month. Kandi recently posted about her and I attending a Pride event which was wonderful and I was happy to support a cause that obviously is at the forefront for many of us. You may remember her mentioning that I was off to a baby shower after. I did attend the shower but only briefly because my wife was getting home earlier than expected. The shower was for the woman who has done my nails and makeup multiple times. I was invited to her gender reveal but couldn’t attend and will be invited to her “Sip and See” after the baby is born. It’s AMAZING to be treated and thought of “as one of the girls”. I arrived at the shower a few minutes early and Tiana(mom) wasn’t there yet because she is unable to drive and was getting picked up. I had a great conversation with her mother talking about the pregnancy just like two women would. She referred to me multiple times as “baby” and “honey” and gave me a hug when I left. My outfit that day consisted of the yellow top with the blue and white striped Capri pants, nothing fancy, just casual and comfortable.

A couple of weeks later I did something that Kandi has done multiple times and an item from my bucket list. I have gone multiple times to get acupuncture to treat the Tinnitus (ringing in ears) I have but always as my male self. By coincidence my appointment was the same day that I was meeting Kandi, Annie, and Carrie for dinner so I decided to go to my appointment as Sherry! Since I had to be at the doctor’s at 3pm and was meeting for dinner at 6pm I decided to make an entire day of it and met another friend Natalie for breakfast at 10am! Natalie is a trans woman who is getting married and she invited me to the wedding…so excited about that!! She invited another trans woman and the three of us talked about the wedding for almost 2 hours.

Since I had a few hours before my appointment I went to one of Kandi’s favorite thrift stores called Piece Unique. The women there are WONDERFUL and make you feel extremely comfortable. I, of course, went to the clearance rack and found the cold shoulder top and the two dresses that I had to have. I tried on 5 items and modeled each one for the ladies and they gave me their honest opinion on each. I spent at least an hour there and was treated fabulously the entire time! I am building a fireplace as my other self and needed a brush. Right next to Piece Unique was a hardware store so I went in and got what I needed. The cashier made normal conversation and off I went!

I arrived at the doctor’s office a little early so I stayed in my car and touched up my makeup and made sure everything was in place. In Ohio the mask ban is lifted for most things if you’ve been vaccinated but not in medical facilities so I had to wear a mask. Upon entering the office I checked in and gave my male name to the receptionist, we both started smiling under our masks! I asked to use the restroom and passed the doctor along the way. I went back out, sat down and waited for the doctor to call me. The doctor is female and most likely in her early 30’s. At the last appointment I hinted to her that I might look a little different next time! The outfit I wore that day was the white pants with the olive green top. She called me in and asked the normal questions that she always does about the progress of the treatments. After she was done I asked her if she knew it was me when I was going to the bathroom, she said Yes only because she noticed my eyes. I asked her if she had any more questions about how I was presenting, she asked “What should she call me?” I replied “Sherry” and the other was “Where do you go?” I replied, “Where do you go?”, I go anywhere. The remaining 45 minutes was me laying on the table with needles stuck in me! After, I went to a nearby Target looking for a few items, changed in the car (that wasn’t fun) (green maxi skirt outfit) I met the ladies at the restaurant. The conversation and company were wonderful.

It was fabulous seeing everyone, especially Carrie since I haven’t seen her since before the plague. As we were talking Carrie commented to me that she couldn’t believe my transformation and how comfortable I am. I originally met her 5 years ago when I went out for the first time wearing a dress to an event Kandi was volunteering at and she was the coordinator. I remember being so scared walking into a place with hundreds of people. She met me at the door and literally dragged me into the hall! I had a great time and continue to this day. The four of us sat at the restaurant for 3 hours talking about many topics and planning our next outing. I mentioned that I was going to a black tie gala to support a movie being filmed in Northeast Ohio in a couple of weeks. More to come about that… Get out and be YOU!!

Stay beautiful-Sherry

It’s the only way to get her to share here…… 😊

I miss my friend. Circumstances make getting together difficult.


7 Responses

  1. Sherry, the top and dresses at Piece Unique are fabulous, my favorite is the blue and green dress. I loved your response to the doctor showing her that you are no different from any other woman. Can’t wait to read more about the black tie gala!

  2. All your outfits are super cute , as are you.
    It is amazing going about normal things in a day just being you.
    I still struggle with that sometimes but it’s ok we all still try
    Good to see you back

  3. Sherry ,
    I have to ask if the acupuncture treatment worked ? I’ve had tinnitus since my teenage years possibly caused by shooting .303 Lee Enfield rifles as a member of the Cadet Core and the school shooting team without adequate ear protection .

    I’ve never had any problems with my GP’s surgery or attending hospital appointments , the only minor one was my dentist persisting in using MR when calling me in the waiting area .

    The outfits look great and some nice choices for the meetups , natural but feminine .

    1. Teresa,
      Thanks for the compliment, I love the casual look! As far as the acupuncture goes, it did for awhile but the tinnitus came back just like it was.

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