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Walking the Dog

Join our friends at the local Hooters!

The day after Michelle and I went to the [R.E.M.] symphonic concert we decided something a bit more casual in order; just get together to walk with her dog Harley and then go for a bite to eat.

The weather was decent, sunny and in the 60’s, and I am becoming less conservative in my dressing choices. I decided on a crop top and shorts combo that I actually bought at the same time (on sale) from Nordstrom, believing they would go together. I also have a Pride fanny pack–a Christmas gift from Michelle from a couple of years ago–and I usually bring it along when we walk to carry my phone (no phone, no pictures!).

I generally don’t wear shorts too often because girl shorts are shorter than my normal boy shorts, so the girl shorts show my tennis tan. But I threw caution to the wind and decided I needed to wear them at some point. Michelle leashed up Harley, and we headed out, walking a couple of blocks in her subdivision to a nearby park with a combo walking/bike path. It’s about an hour walk and is about three miles altogether from her house and back. We’ve done the walk probably ten times, with me generally in Dee mode.

Even though I go out often, and often with Michelle, I am still somewhat self-conscious about being out dressed. It’s just my nature. I tend not to make eye contact if need be, but I am generally looking to see if the person is someone I know (that has happened four times, but I have not been detected yet). I assume people who see me can tell than I’m somewhere on the transgender spectrum–that I don’t pass as a genetic female–and I’m not sure how people will react. On the flip side, I have never had a bad experience, so maybe one day I will just let the self-conscious part go.

We walk and talk, sometimes about her business. Michelle owns a salon and the building which houses the salon, and she rents chalets to other service providers (generally hair dressers). The nature of the salon business is that the service providers are independent contractors that provide services to their clients, and the service providers pay rent to Michelle’s business to use the salon facilities. At this point, there are fourteen service providers at Michelle’s salon, so there are often personalities and issues that arise. I have met some of the service providers, both as Dee and not-Dee, but the providers don’t care (lately, not-Dee has been mowing the lawn at the salon, to save Michelle some money). I also do some basic accounting for Michelle, and some life and relationship coaching–and I’m also a kick ass fashion consultant (at least I THINK so).

Our walk was in the late afternoon, so after finishing we were ready for dinner. Michelle likes going to Hooters–moreso than me–so that’s where we headed. I put some overalls over my brown crop top and Michelle changed into some overalls also, so we were kind of matchy-matchy. Although I don’t exactly endorse the idea of restaurants like Hooter’s or Twin Peaks, while in Dee mode I don’t mind going, because the wait staff is both young and female, and both of those demographics are generally more accepting of those in the transgender spectrum.

At the entrance desk at Hooter’s, one of the servers walked up and Michelle knew her. Her name was Lauren, and she was the older sister of the best friend of Michelle’s younger daughter. Lauren immediately took charge and said she was going to wait on us, for which Michelle was happy.

At our table, we ordered our regular meal–nachos–and a couple of adult beverages. Lauren came over to talk to Michelle about how she was doing–going to school and trying to produce music. I began to ask questions about working at a place like Hooter’s. Lauren was forthright and willing to answer my questions. Did they have to wear a bra? Yes (although it didn’t appear like it to my eyes). Lauren says she preferred the Fri-Dee black outfits (instead of the white and orange) because they were more revealing and consequently she got more tips. I also asked how long to do her makeup–about 45 minutes. She also made a comment about certain aspects of the shorts that I won’t share here. I also asked her the $64 question, as to whether she felt exploited. Her answer was honest and blunt, that she chose to work there. I guess if the system is using her, she is in turn using the system. I was impressed with her confidence and candor at the age of twenty.

I also tipped her the amount of the bill for the service and for being willing to being cross-examined during our dinner. 

We finished the nachos and our drinks and headed out. I dropped Michelle at her house and headed home, where I took a few more pictures, including one of me blowing a kiss to my GG friend Renee, who has some health issues–and enjoys the “distractions” that I can provide from her day-to-day issues. Who I am to deny her the pleasure of seeing me dressed?


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  1. Dee,
    You are very lucky to have such a nice GG friend. My only advice is to bite the bullet and get women’s shorts. (Or Nike has short men’s shorts.) I switched to women’s pants only 8 years ago. Shorts, dress, jeans, leggings … Glad I did. I also sit out in a bikini to tan the whole leg.

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