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Our favorite gals have yet another enviable adventure!

By…who else, it is Sun-Dee after all!

According to wikipedia, “A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place, which can lead to a personal transformation, after which the pilgrim returns to their daily life.” 

Don’t worry, I’m not turning spiritual on you, although I did attend Easter Sunrise services, as I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (a willing partner and a cute dress were the reasons for that).

Pilgrimage is also a song by my favorite band, R.E.M. A few weeks ago, Mike Mills, a former R.E.M. member (the band disbanded about ten years ago, by mutual agreement of the three remaining members), was performing in St. Louis.  In addition to a concerto he wrote, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra were playing classical adaptations of multiple R.E.M. songs. 

I’m not the biggest fan of classical music, but the temptation of hearing familiar sounds–and dressing up to hear those familiar sounds–was too tempting to pass up. When my friend Michelle wanted to go to, it was on.

We usually consult on our clothing choices, or at least partially. Usually she tells me what she plans to wear, but I decide what I want to wear and tell her it will be a surprise, which she likes. I had several ideas, but shared pictures of my choices via texts with friends Renee and Ms. Dee-ism. They confirmed they liked my choice.

I had bought a mesh bodysuit at Akira, a fun store (by fun I mean they have totally age inappropriate clothes for me), but hadn’t figured out how to wear it. I also had a black crop top, one I found discarded when I was out running one day (you would be surprised how often I find clothes when I am out and about). I could wear the top over the mesh bodysuit, along with a brown fake leather skirt, fish net stockings, and some fun heels. My outfit was targeting more the rock side than the classical, but my motto has always been wear what you want to wear.

Michelle had never been to the Stifel Theater, while I had been seeing concerts there since at least 1979, when it was named the St. Louis Opera House. It was redone and renamed about twenty years ago. The building was almost as gorgeous as Michelle. 

On our way in, we stopped to take pictures. The pictures of me end up here, the pictures of her end up on Facebook and Instagram. When she does a Facebook post, she will generally include one edited with a just a glimpse of me, although I have become bolder and have occasionally let her post pictures of the both of us. We don’t have any mutual Facebook friends, except those who I met out with her (my Facebook is only guy me) or Ms. Dee-ism. Maybe one day that will bite me, but I am learning not to care.

Inside, more pictures on the stairway. I generally prefer a lower profile, while Michelle doesn’t mind being seen, and prefers being seen. We were dodging other patrons using the stairs for their intended purposes, taking our pictures while waiting for the concert to start.

The concert itself was good. The first half was versions of about twelve R.E.M. songs, some known only to fans like me, and the rest more well known to all (R.E.M. didn’t have a lot of “hits”, but some of their songs have gotten radio play over time). One of the songs was “Pilgrimage”, and another was “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”, and when the right time came, the conductor turned to the audience and shouted “Leonard Bernstein”. The second half was a concerto “for violin and rock band” where Mike Mills and a fabulous violinist performed. The violinist could make his instrument sing. It was a fun night of music, and Michelle, not an R.E.M. fan(atic) like me, enjoyed it too.

After the concert, we walked down to the stage, for more pictures, of course. A security person offered to take pictures, and of course we agreed. After the concert, we drove to the Armory, a former army facility turned into an adult playground, with video games, other games like corn hole, and that night a local band we had seen together on Halloween. The nightcap was my surprise for Michelle, and eventually we went to the front and danced a few songs, then headed home after a fun night.


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  1. Dee, that sounds like a really fun night, and of course, you both look fabulous. I don’t know a lot of R.E.M. songs, but hearing them in a classical arrangement would be very interesting.

  2. Thanks ladies!

    My love of R.E.M. dates back to 1984. I was on “sabbatical” (quit my job, bought a VW camper van to travel in the US) and was camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. I found the college radio station for Colorado State University and they were playing “Radio Free Europe” and other songs from Murmur and Chronic Town (first full album, and a 5 song EP, respectively) and it was love at first listen. Been a fan since, and passed that love onto my two sons.

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