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Our favorite gal-pals at it again!

With my wife still down under, and my friend Michelle between boyfriends, we both had opportunities and willingness for fun together.  I am sure you can understand why I enjoy spending time with Michelle (she’s fun and freaking gorgeous), but I can honestly say she enjoys spending time with me almost as much as I do with her (and, yes I know I’m lucky and lots of you are envious).

Last fall Michelle and I went for a scrumptious dinner (and post dinner photo shoot) at LeOno, a stylish restaurant/bar near Michelle’s house. She had been back a couple times without me but I was happy to go again, because we had been welcomed with open arms. 

I have more clothes than opportunities to wear them, so I often have outfits waiting on the runway (read: hanging in my closet) ready for takeoff (or more accurately, to put on). As LeOno is an elegant restaurant, I had an Ann Taylor dress I wanted to wear. I found it at Clothes Mentor about nine months prior, while shopping with Michelle. I thought I looked pretty elegant, to match the location. 

Instead of sitting at a table, Michelle suggested we sit at the bar, in part because she knew the bartender, Sean, and just because. Unlike our web hostess Kandi, who has sat at a bar a time or two (or so I’ve been told), while chatting up the bartenders or other bar denizens. I am not as comfortable doing that as Michelle (or Kandi) is, but I am working on removing my training wheels.

Michelle also invited a couple of other friends to join us, including a couple, Pat and Karen, who I had met several years prior, and a new friend Maura, who brought along her adult daughter (the name of the daughter escapes me, but she is an accountant studying for the CPA exam, so we traded accounting war stories).

Michelle and I shared some small plates, and a scrumptious dessert which they called a strawberry pop tart on the menu, which we gobbled down. I also had to get the obligatory “cheers” picture, because if I don’t, Kandi won’t post these scribblings (I kid, I kid).

It was a fun evening, one where I met two new people (Maura will make a return appearance in the near future), and Michelle and I made plans for future fun together, so stay tuned–there are more adventures to come.


9 Responses

  1. Dee,
    Guilty as charged !! I often chat up the bartender’s , they can be long tedious hours behind the bar and often they are manned by temporary staff betwen jobs or waiting on final exams . Some of the conversations have been wonderful , besides who doesn’t mind being chatted up by a blond !!!! ( I’m kidding now ! )

  2. Dee,

    Maybe it is my vision, but my eyes are telling me your skin care routine mst be working, your face looks cool , calm and collected. keep It up Girl. You are very fortnate to have a GAL Pal such as Michelle.

    Marie Anne

    1. Thanks.

      Michelle has been on me to up my skin care game and I’m trying, but I’m not sure I have the best canvas to work with…

  3. Dee, I think you look very pretty. I am glad you are beginning to feel comfortable and confident going out. It is so much fun to be able to feel yourself when out in public. Having friends who accept you is such a wonderful experience.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks.

      Michelle often compliments me on how pretty I look, which I appreciate, but we are besties and she might be being more kind than honest, but there are times when I do feel cuter than others and like how I look. I also think I find cute clothes and I have enough confidence I can pull them off.

      Whenever I have been out, especially in settings where Michelle knows people, I am generally comfortable. On the flip side, I never know how people are going to react, so my instincts are more to keep it on the “down low”, but being out with Michelle that is damn near impossible.

      I’m also not the most outgoing person anyway; not the life of the party type, especially with people I don’t know. A lot of that boy semi-shyness creeps over to Dee, too.

      I am definitely more comfortable around women, because they do a lot fewer stupid things than men do. As I am presenting female, it’s just plain less risky with women.

      I have been in crowds often enough, and I usually am in public places (not LGBT specific places), I have learned to just own it. That includes planes, trains, concerts, musicals, crowded city streets, shopping malls, etc.,etc, etc (and of course, ladies rest rooms). I still, after 7.5 years of going out, never have had a bad experience, and getting to interact with others while wearing a damn cute dress with matching heels–and having friends who want me there with them and fully accept me–is really a dream come true.

  4. Hi Dee,
    I have a question for Michelle, especially since she works/owns a salon. Would she date a man who wore nails, both toes and fingers?

    PS And yes I am envious.

    1. Well, we met because I went into the salon where she was working–this was seven years ago, before she started hers–as a guy, to get my nails done before a train trip to Chicago. During the 45 minutes or so it took to get my nails done, we hit it off, and I promised to come in dressed after my trip was over, which I did, and we went from there.

      She’s also given me pedicures four or five times (at least), and my toes are currently painted and have been for the last two months.

      In short, I don’t think that would be a deal breaker, but she definitely has preferences in men she is attracted to. I think those other factors would be more important.

      If you showed up for a mani-pedi and said “Dee sent me” you would receive the full (normal for her) Southern charm. Whether you’d have a shot otherwise, don’t know. 🙂

      1. I not looking for a shot, I’m older than you, besides the commute would be crazy. I just wondering if that would make a difference to a woman who is in the business.Or would she be more attracted to such a man.

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