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May 23, 2024 I was scheduled for a volunteer shift with Destination Cleveland. In this capacity, volunteers act as civic ambassadors at various venues, events, etc. There was a climate change conference in town for three days and I signed up for what ended up being the final morning of the event. As such, no one really had any interest in us since they had already been in town for a few days and were getting ready to head out. So after a couple of hours, I headed home.

I stopped at a local park on my drive in for a fun little photoshoot. As I was driving through downtown to park, I noticed the women walking about in dresses. Taking mental notes on how they dressed, what they carried, shoes, etc. I then walked to the hotel where the convention was held, feeling every bit empowered as one of those women. It filled me with pride to notice my reflection in a few mirrored buildings as I passed them.

On my way home I stopped at Hobby Lobby. As I was walking in I passed a woman that I thought was not paying me any attention at all, when she told me she loved my dress. My dress! Still thrilling to hear that, to say that. That had me floating.

From there I went to a local restaurant, had a glass of wine and handled emails. There were people all around me. A family there wrapped up and headed out, as did I a few minutes later. As I walked to my car, I hear “Ma’am, ma’am!”. I turn my head and one of the women comes over and asks me if I was at the recent Barbie night. I asked if she meant at the art museum, and she said yes. I said, that absolutely was me. Now remember, that was seven months ago, about forty miles from where we were standing and she remembered me very fondly. She gave me a big hug. Oh my….

A few more errands were taken care of along the way before I returned home, reveling in what had happened that day.

May 25, 2024, Cleveland Public Theater’s Station Hope. One night a year, 250 artists from across Northeast Ohio inhabit historic St. John’s Episcopal Church—Cleveland’s first authenticated Underground Railroad site and a beacon of freedom symbolizing the city’s social justice heritage. Launched in 2014, Station Hope addresses many of the most important issues of our time and celebrates hope through powerful theatre, spoken word, dance, music, and multimedia performances inspired by contemporary issues of freedom and justice. Audiences are invited to explore the historic buildings and surrounding grounds while visual art installations, choir performances, and other interactive activities set the atmosphere around the church.

No real story here. Got out the door, ran an errand, shot some photos, had dinner and then volunteered for a few hours. I picked up my event shirt on-site, so you will see my before and after pics. Interacting with so many, or just going about my business. I seek social contact and it always brings me personal joy. Just another lovely afternoon!


14 Responses

  1. I love both outfits; what a looker. Well done Kandi.

    Beautiful and helpful. You are a great volunteer.


  2. kandi,
    I love the navy spot dress , sorry got to have one !!

    A while ago you questioned if your posts were becoming boring or repetitive , the answer is NO , please keep doing what you’re doing both in your public work and for members of your Kandi’s Land community .

    Our efforts do pay off , tomorrow I’m going to attend my first committee meeting for our local National Trust group to find new speakers and venues for our members . It’s been wonderful tracking down old contacts in my search , some only remember me in male mode but none have had a problem with me as Teresa . Next week I’ll be taking a group of artists around my old home town to help them choose locations for subjects for their artwork . Also next week I’ll be attending a +60s group for tennis players and yes I will be wearing a pleated skort with a newly aquired sports bra . I’ll see if I can get some pics .

    Like you our I’ve found our lives are fuller , richer and far more fun as females .

  3. Kandi,

    Nothing new from this gal, just double compliments as to what JOCLYN and TERESA stated. You are a fantasic Ambassador for Cleveland, Humanity and Womanhood. Keep it up. It is very encouraging for we lesser brave souls.
    AND ABSOUTELY AGREE with Tersa’s last observation, … It is so true if we let our inner selves come to the surface and bubble over.
    Marie Anne

  4. Kandi your stories help others in our community who may never leave their dwellings dressed as they dream to be. Knowing that your not alone is a good thing.

  5. Kandi: I sense through all your posts that you have a great love for your hometown. There is no better way to show it than through all the volunteering you do, while at the same time running several businesses. Congratulations, you are an example to us all.

  6. Kandi,
    Your style both impresses and inspires me! As does your volunteerism!
    I read somewhere that polkadots symbolize fun. Your dress, and accessories, scream fun and style.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Polka dots are always great and your other outfit is just Kandi cute for sure
    I know you enjoyed being out

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