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Sun-Dee Fun-Dee

They're at it again!

Another Sun-Dee, another chance for a day out with my bestie Michelle. 

The afternoon weather was suitable for a walk with Michelle and her black lab Harley, something we’ve done in the past. Michelle lives a couple of blocks from a sports complex with a circular bike path, and with the to and from her house, and a lap of the park, it’s about three miles. We get some sun and exercise and a chance to chat, and I get to wear some workout outfits. One day I’ll wear a really cute girly outfit (like the one Michelle is wearing), but for today I wore a bra top with the pink mesh cover, along with some black shorts (actually my boy shorts, but they look the same in either gender).

Having earned our calories, we changed to go to dinner at a local restaurant. I had a new long sleeve mesh dress I wanted to wear, which reminds me of a water color painting. I spotted the dress while killing time at a Nordstrom in Tampa while there last December. I found it online, and decided it would be a good Christmas gift for Dee from Dee, and ordered it without trying it on.

The dress has two sets of linings, one covering the butt and the other the boobs. It’s a bit of a struggle to actually get it on, have the linings cover everything they’re supposed to, and to keep the padded bra I use for shaping to stay in place. But I managed and I liked the look, and it wasn’t too warm where the long sleeves were an issue. We had dinner and a drink, and enjoyed both.

I wasn’t the only one who liked the dress. Michelle liked it too, and asked “can I wear your dress?”  All I know is if a cute girl (or a freaking gorgeous one) asks if she can wear your dress, you say yes–and then raid HER closet for something fun to wear. I had tried on the leopard print dress before–and liked the look–so it was an easy choice. To go with the dress, I borrowed a pair of shoes from Michelle’s younger daughter, who wears the same size as me.

Michelle had never been to one of the local casinos, so we went to one in downtown St. Louis, as it is slightly more glamorous than the casino on the Illinois side (the downside of the St. Louis casino is that it allows smoking, while the Illinois one doesn’t–and I hate smoking). That became our destination. 

We strutted to a bar, bought a drink for each of us, and found a gambling machine of my choice, video poker. I inserted my standard bet–$20–into the machine and tried to explain how you play and the rules to Michelle. She was happy just to watch me play and we killed time for about a half hour–during which a couple of other patrons came over and complimented our looks, but we did look pretty sharp–and I cashed out, down $3.

We went looking for a spot to take some pictures. Funny, that happens a lot with us. We found a stone backdrop and began snapping away. I am generally the designated photographer, because my phone takes better pictures (and Michelle the better model). The pictures I take usually end up posted on Michelle’s Facebook page, a few with a smidgen of me as her tribute to me. After taking our normal quota of pictures, we headed home after a fun Dee together.


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  1. Dee,




  2. Dee, both dresses are great and you look fabulous. Being able to swap clothes with a GG BFF would be so awesome – finding such a person whose size you can wear is not always easy!

  3. Marie,

    Michelle has been on me to do a better job of cleansing my face, and I’m trying to do it more often. I did apply a lotion earlier this year recommended by my dermatologist to help deal with potential skin damage from the sun, so maybe that has made a difference too.


    For the record, Michelle is a bit smaller than me so I don’t fit into a number of her things and some of mine are too big for her, but it is fun to see her in my stuff (and some validation my taste in clothes isn’t bad either).

    And in future weeks you might see pictures of her in a couple of my other dresses, and I can assure you she looks pretty good…


    Don’t I know it.


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