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Not Always as Planned

Sometimes you just have to roll with it....

So my plan for this day was coffee with my friend Alisha, an outdoor photo shoot, work at the art museum where I could get a lot of blog work done, grocery shopping and then dinner.

September 24, 2021 started as planned. I got ready to go out with the angel known as my wife home before she worked the closing shift at work. Love the dress, one I held until I could wear it all day. Alisha and I met and had a wonderful conversation. She is such a great friend! It just love sitting and talking with another woman.

I then headed to a local outdoor shopping mall and snapped all of the pictures you see here. I had a coupon at Soma, so I spent that and walked around a bit, feeling great on a 70 degree day in a dress.

I made a few more stops along the way, just milking the glory of being out. Then it was time to report to work, where I discovered my PC was dead…. Sitting at the information desk without something to do is not fun. The place was pretty dead on this day. My coworker, Nataliya, whom I mentioned recently, could tell my dead PC was bothering me. I tried to call Apple. You cannot get a human being on the phone. I tried to call Best Buy. You cannot get a human being on the phone. I found a local shop to work on it, so she suggested I take off and get it fixed.

I did and in about 15 minutes, I was back in business! So I went to a wine bar, plugged in the PC as it needed to charge and blogged away! After that, I went grocery shopping. I just love doing “regular” things dressed. Love it!

So my day didn’t exactly go as planned, but it was still a great day.

Anything that can be done in a dress, should be done in a dress.


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  1. Sounds just like a normal day and yes the dress is fabulous
    It’s funny how when I do my weekly grocery shopping I have so much fun figuring out what to wear.
    Guys just don’t do that, it’s a baggy shorts and a shirt and off they go.
    I think I enjoy picking out the outfit better for sure

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