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Rules of the Road – Be Smart! Video Edition

We introduce our first Rules of the Road video!

We will be preaching my Rules of the Road on our YouTube channel. The first rule is Be Smart! Here is the video:

In shooting this video, after all the work I put in trying to figure this all out, I did a little photo shoot.


14 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Just watched “Be Smart” OMG what a wonderful video. You are one tallented lady. You really speak for our community, I wish I could visit in Cleveland someday.

    Oh, btw what a beautiful lady!!!


    1. Davina, the welcome mat here in Cleveland is out for you anytime! Thank you for your sweet comments, there are many more videos in “production” right now!

  2. Just watched it – wise advice! And I’m not surprised that your experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, you just don’t give anyone a reason or excuse for them not to be.

    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

  3. Kandi,
    As a long time follower I feel like i can never be surprised by you but you have done it again. The rules of the road is a great representation of the positives our community brings to the general public. I have been out and about many times and your encouragement and courage help this 78 year old keep trucking along. Some day I may share a picture if I ever figure how,.

    In the meantime Keep up the good work. Your oldest fan, Joan.

  4. this was excellent-if you read the comments on various websites the amount of FEAR is amazing.I wish this could get to the fearful.
    may I add 1 more thought–when you are out as a woman people see what they expect to see

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