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0xc00d5212 codex error

Your resident technology expert at work!!

Aahhhhhhhh!! What is this?? This error code kept coming up.

So I shot a seven plus minute video and tried and tried to upload in onto my PC to edit it and put it all together. I spent probably eight hours over two days trying to get it to work, between time I actually spent actively trying to figure it out and and time it took for this program or that program to run. I kept getting only the audio portion of the video. It wasn’t that specific video that I had to have, it’s the process that I needed to know how to work.

Then I finally figured it out! You have to understand, this is like my figuring out quantum physics! But I did it!! Unfortunately, when I strung it together with the other things I wanted to place in the video, it simply got too long to run well, with the tools I have to currently work with. So, I am reshooting it, but am learning a little bit every day. I will continue to learn, will continue to make improvements and will continue to invest in this platform.


On January 12, 2022, I did quite a few things. I shot the aforementioned video. I then had a Zoom call with a new friend, which I greatly enjoyed. Then out the door!

Pick up a pair of heels I had to get repaired. Over to the bank. Then I dropped a few end tables off at Piece Unique and got caught up with my amazing friend, Lisa. Across town to kill off a few hours at the mall and then blogging over a cup of coffee. I sat in a corner of Panera Bread working on the PC, while many of the other elderly people there walked past, commented on my set up and just chatted a bit. Nice folks! Everyone so nice.

The evening was capped with my dear friends Annie and Sherry. You remember Sherry, she used to send us a post every so often….😏 Nothing of significant note, but a full day of friendship, freedom, good feeling, “being”, nothing like it!


Lookee who made the ad for our dear friend Betty’s Pride event! Yours truly and that gal I mentioned above. I think we should be signing autographs!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi
    In spite of your difficulties shooting and editing this video I think it turned out very well.
    Keep on keeping on with these productions I really enjoy watching and listening to your words of wisdom.

  2. You may have had difficulties in getting this video completed, but it was worth it. I love your term “blending” rather than “passing” because it is much more descriptive of the process of integrating ourselves into the public. I can see a whole series on this! Great job, and don’t let those weird ‘error codes’ distract you. Programmers put them in because they are bored, and have run out of pizza and diet coke! (I know first hand. I have managed a lot of them over the years and we usually kept them away from polite society!)

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