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Pandemonium! 2022

My, oh, my....

September 10, 2022 was my return to Cleveland Public Theater’s Pandemonium event! This year I served as House Manager for a series of dance performances held in a converted church.

I got dressed on site, so this was my travel outfit. Simple, basic and ever so comfortable and me!

My dear friend Sherry (you remember her, right?) and I took a few photos before she had to begin her volunteer shift. Sharing parts of the experience throughout the evening with Sherry and watching her enjoy herself, was a highlight for me.

I took the opportunity to go a little off-script for me with this recent Forever 21 bargain I found. This was the only place I would wear it, that’s for sure!

I’m not going to lie, the numerous compliments I received throughout the night was a tremendous high. Also, renewing numerous friendships was thrilling. I made quite a few new friendships. Many remembered seeing me as the main greeter for the art museum’s Summer Solstice party.

I was my typical carnival barker, drawing people into the church to watch the incredible dancers. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping the seats full. I enjoyed every second of it. I hope you can see below, you can’t fake this stuff!

After my shift, I changed into my “first communion” dress. Both dresses worn could only really be worn at this event and I hope by now they are hanging in someone’s closet after I sent them off to Goodwill.

Walking around in this dress, many noticed that I had changed and I got plenty more compliments. I met so many wonderful people, had lengthy discussions with them and what pleased me most, these discussions were about them, not me and who and what I am.

I got there a few hours before showtime and left as the lights were being dimmed. I’m not usually a night owl like this, but I had a blast.

Side story: That morning was the first time I had seen Jim since he met Kandi. Jim is an inquisitive and very reflective person. We ran another 14 miles and talked for a great deal of it. I then saw him and his beautiful wife (inside and out) Magda at Pandemonium. Getting a chance to talk with her had me tearing up, just the amazing connection we have is really special. At the end of this week, Jim will be running a half and I will be running a full marathon in my quest to right the wrong that was my performance in Boston. Wish me luck or at least wish me not to suck!

Post script: Thoughts and prayers to Sherry and her family on the recent loss of her father. 🙏 Not only is the loss of a loved one sad, it marks the passing of a sort to another stage of our lives. We start to become the elders in the world. This post is for you!


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  1. Kandi, the silver dress is amazing and wonderful and daring and … just wow! The “communion” dress is cute, but maybe just a little bit short, IMO. Yet another fabulous event for you and Sherry to be seen and accepted.

  2. Sherry, my heart goes out to you. I have now lost both my parents. I cherish my memories of them and try to be like both of them in all the ways that matter. I am sure you are doing the same. My sincere condolences. Lisa

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