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More Hand-Dee Downs

Another high quality Dee-peat!

Once again my GG friend Michelle did a clean-out of her wardrobe, and once again I was the grateful beneficiary of her Hand-Dee-Downs (this was the third time). Usually she texts me in advance, telling me she has clothes for me. I’m like a kid on Christmas waiting to open presents. She knows I appreciate getting these from her, and she enjoys seeing me in them.

Once again, I was not disappointed. Although we are similar heights and size, she is smaller than me so some of her stuff was too small for me (and some were too small for HER, so definitely too small for me). I also tease her that her favorite colors are black, black, and black, so I wasn’t surprised many of the items were black (I keep trying to get her to incorporate more color into her wardrobe).
But there were a few non-black items, including a white floral tank top I wore out shopping with my white slacks, an off pink three quarter sleeve top, and a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, which quickly became a favorite (the white skirt was mine, and the denim shorts I bought while shopping).

The long sleeve dress with the white flowers became an immediate favorite (and I’ve worn it out in the last month–stay tuned for a future blog post). The sequin top–and the silver sweater–go well with my faux leather skirt.

The black skirt with the silver balls and the gold skirt are extremely short (not sure I could sit in them)–nor age appropriate–but neither matters because both are far too small and I couldn’t come close to zipping them up. I doubt I will ever be slim enough to wear these, nor would I have many places to wear them, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

The tops with these skirts were ones that Michelle gave me, and I especially like the one with the gold skirt.

As always, good to have a good friend like Michelle. [Ah…yeah!]


3 Responses

  1. Always nice to get hand-me-downs. The price is certainly right.
    It’s also nice when a woman asks to borrow one of your items.

  2. Hi Kandi,
    I really love the sequined top and leather skirt combination the best. You look beautiful in all the pictures actually. Can you tell me something though, where do you find a GG willing to part with those beautiful clothes??? ☺

  3. Trish,

    Thanks. It’s me, Dee, as opposed to Kandi.

    How did I find Michelle? By luck. In 2017 I was taking a train trip to Chicago, and I wanted my nails done. I had been to a Beauty Brands store once before to have my nails done and had a great experience. I wanted the same nail tech for my train trip but she wasn’t available. I ended up having Michelle as my nail tech, and we hit it off.

    She calls me her accountant (I’m a retired CPA) and I trade spreadsheets for pedicures, and I get the better end of the deal. We’ve been out together at least 50 times over the last five years. A few years ago her daughters bugged Michelle to clean out her closet, and instead of donating them to a thrift, she gives them to me (as I note, we are similar sizes, although I am a bit bigger in the torso).

    Now a friend of hers, Marie, has given me some clothes too. I like wearing their clothes and they like seeing me wear them.

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