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Bloodbuzz Ohio

Now what's she up to???

“I’m on a blood buzz, yes, I am

I’m on a blood buzz

I’m on a blood buzz, God, I am

I’m on a blood buzz

I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees

I never married but Ohio don’t remember me”

I don’t think Kandi was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees, but you never know.

In mid-September I went to a Saturday night concert by The National at a St. Louis venue, my third concert in Rock girl mode.

Maybe for us crossdressing is a blood buzz.

I’m not the biggest fan, but Bloodbuzz Ohio is my favorite song of theirs. I knew about five or six others before, then used Spotify to listen to a larger collection (also to the opening act, an Australian lass named Indigo Sparke, whom I had never heard of). 

The afternoon of the concert I drove about an hour to pick up a race packet for my triathlon the following morning at a lake (unfortunately, in the opposite direction from the concert). I decided after the packet pickup I could do some light makeup (powder and lipstick), don my bikini, and hit the beach. It was warm enough–about 90. I dabbled my toes in the water, sat in the shade on the beach for about 45 minutes, and started heading back, leaving the bikini (with a cover over it) on.

I arranged with my GG friend Michelle to use her salon to change and do full makeup. The salon was empty when I arrived. When I was about finished, I heard voices enter, voices I didn’t recognize. I was getting ready to introduce myself to one of Michelle’s co-workers as Michelle’s friend Dee–only it was Michelle herself, along with her younger daughter and two younger girls who live next door to Michelle’s ex. Michelle introduced me to the two young girls, and the younger of the two said she liked my outfit.

We talked for a bit and then I asked Michelle to do my nails with the quick drying polish I had brought (I was planning to do them myself, but Michelle does a MUCH better job).

After about a half hour I headed to a local bar for dinner where I am most welcome. I had tacos for dinner, talked with the owners Kim and Mike (Kim and the female cook liked my outfit too), and used their bathroom to change into my corset top to wear to the concert. I was a bit overdressed, but I wore what I wanted to wear–the top and skirt from Australia and fishnet stockings, a Hand-Dee-Down from GG friend Marie.

I made it to the venue just as Indigo Sparke was starting. It’s a covered outdoor arena that doubles as an outdoor ice rink in the winter (the St. Louis Blues of the NHL practice there), probably seats about 4,000, and was about 75% full. At the start it was pretty warm, but the corset top made it more comfortable. I did have the cover to wear to be a little more conservative and if it got too cool as it got later. The venue had empty seats so I was able to sit with open seats on either side of me; although I’ve never had an issue while out dressed, I prefer a little space.

Side note: I am not a normally violent person but I do believe there should be the death penalty for people who talk CONSTANTLY during a concert. I don’t really need to hear how much you like your friend’s kids when I have paid to listen to a band. I also didn’t want to turn around and ask them to shut up, given my voice didn’t match my dress (although the male half of the blabbering, who sounded drunk, said he usually dressed as a woman for Halloween, when they were discussing Halloween costumes for the kids during the intermission). Fortunately, there was a mostly empty row two rows in front of mine, so I moved between songs and that solved the problem, and I avoided being carted off.

A lot of the crowd stood for the entire concert. My prior thought was to wear some higher heels to go with the outfit, but I was glad I went with the booties as they are more comfortable with their lower heels, and I also stood for most of the songs.

Good show, glad I went, and I really like the outfit (would like it more with a little less spare tire). I didn’t get many pictures inside the venue, but took several outside the venue after the show. Unfortunately, during my photos I lost an earring. Damn.

The show ended around 11, but traffic issues meant I didn’t really get moving until around midnight, home and in bed around one–up at 4:50 AM to leave for triathlon. Who needs sleep (did a solid time, 24th of 82, not bad for someone who just became Medicare eligible)?

And no, I didn’t do the triathlon in my bikini. Maybe next time (or not).


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